5 Best Upper Body Exercises For Men To Maintaining Body Health

5 Best Upper Body Exercises For Men To Maintaining Body Health

Having a healthy body may be everyone’s dream. You can start taking care of your body by consuming healthy food, controlling nutrients and calories consumed daily, keeping a good mood, or even exercising. You can do many exercises, such as these upper body exercises for men below.

5 Exercises to Train the Upper Body for Men’s Health at Home

1. Push up

The first perfect exercise to train your upper body is pushing up. To do this exercise, you don’t need any single piece of equipment, which means it can be done everywhere you want. How to do it? First, place both of your hands on the floor. Make sure you put both of them wider than your shoulder. Do not forget to extend your legs behind.

Then, brace your core and bring your body down until your chest is close to the floor. Stay in that position for at least two seconds and start lifting up your body. Repeat this several times until you feel enough. When doing a push-up, keep your back flat, your elbows stay close to your side of the torso, and extend your elbows while at the top of the push-up.

Although it sounds simple, push-up needs lots of practice to do it properly. While doing a push-up in good form, you will get lots of benefits for your body. The benefits of these upper body exercises for men are activated muscles in the upper body, building strength, and even increased bone density.

2. Hang Clean

The second recommendation for upper body exercise is to hang clean. Hang clean is an excellent exercise for building upper body strength. It is often loved by experienced weightlifters and athletes on all levels. It is a perfect option if you are looking for exercises with athletic performance, like jumping or sprinting.

If you are interested in doing a hang cleaning, you may prepare some equipment. The equipment needed in this exercise is including barbell with appropriate weight. You can also use the empty bar to do a hang clean. Then, place your hands on the barbell wider than shoulder width apart. You must be in the hang position.

Place your weight in your heels and keep your spine flat. Extend your hips while shrugging your shoulder. The next step, pull up the bar and drop yourself underneath. Make sure to hold the bars with your palms on your shoulders and turn your elbows up. This will make the bar point in front of you.

You will get several benefits whenever you do this one of the upper body exercises for men. The benefits of doing hang clean include improving overall strength, building strength, maintaining cardiovascular health, burning fats to lose weight, and even improving coordination.

3. Bench Press

5 Best Upper Body Exercises For Men To Maintaining Body Health

Another upper-body exercise is the bench press. The bench press is perfect for those who want to build horizontal pressing strength. Like the other barbell exercises, the bench press allows you to use more load than you can use while exercising with kettlebells or dumbbells.

You may follow these steps if you are likely to do these upper body exercises for men. First, lie down on your back on a bench. Make sure to place your eyes focusing on directly underneath the barbell. Then, hold the bar with both hands wider than shoulder apart. Bring your legs close to the glutes and push them back. Release the bar so it will be above your chest.

Then, lower the bar slowly while you breathe. At the same time, you need to push your legs to the back. The next step is you have to arch your back slightly. Arching your back will help you to push the barbell up until lockout. You can repeat these steps several times or whatever you want.

Bench press gives many benefits to our bodies. The benefits of doing one of the upper body exercises are increased upper body mass such as the chest, shoulder, and triceps, lifting more weight, helping to increase bone density, strengthening the bone, and still many more. You can try this exercise at your favorite or closest fitness center.

4. Mountain Climbers

Good news for those who prefer to exercise at home. If you don’t like to do exercises that require equipment, mountain climbers may be the best option you may try as the upper body exercises for men. It is very beneficial yet straightforward, but you must go through several practices to do mountain climbing in good form.

To do mountain climbers correctly, you have to start your position in a press-up with both hands placed on your shoulders. Next, try to enhance your core as fast as you can. Pull your right knee towards your chest and do the same with your left leg. Repeat this movement several times to get the benefits.

Mountain climbers are considered one of the upper body exercises for men you can try at home because it does not require any single tool. Mountain climbers will give you many advantages, such as strengthening the upper part of your body, helping to boost your balance, improving agility, and increasing coordination.

5. Push Press

Last but not least, the upper-body exercise recommendation you may try is the push press. Push press focused more on shoulders, chest, and triceps muscles. It uses power and momentum to drive the weight. The benefits of this exercise are building more total body strength, improving overall overhead pressing ability, and reducing injury risk while lifting.

To do a push press, what you need to prepare is a barbell. First, place your body in front of the rack and position your wrist and shoulder aligned with a shoulder-width grip. Next, dip your knees downwards for a few inches and drive your knees over the toes. Push your torso and chest through the barbell and move upwards using the legs until the barbell is locked out.

If you regularly do the upper body exercises for men mentioned above, you will get the benefits for your body besides maintaining body health. Upper body exercises help strengthen the upper part body, which is perfect if you want to build your upper body. You need to know that consistency is the key to doing this exercise. Good luck!


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