Upper Body Exercises For Seniors To Ease Your Daily Activities

Upper Body Exercises For Seniors To Ease Your Daily Activities

Upper body exercise for the elderly has a significant and long-lasting effect on your body as you age. When you build up your upper back, shoulder, and arm, you can improve your ability to reach overhead to list your grandchildren and do your daily activity easily. To improve your upper body strength, try these exercises 3 times a week and feel the freshness of your body and ease of lifting things.

6 Tips How to Build Upper Body Strength for Seniors and The Elderly

1. Upright Rows

This exercise will power you and make you stronger to do your daily activities. Upright rows make your upper arms and back stronger to list the gallon of water or milk. While practicing this exercise, it is best for you to stand up, so that you will not hit your lap when the weights are lowered.

Before you do upright rows, you also should know the purpose of performing them. This practice can increase the strength in your upper arms and back. Not only that, but it also can improve the ability to lift heavier things or objects anywhere or around the house. You also can feel the ease of assisting in the movement of your shoulder and elbow joints.

There are some easy steps you need to follow to perform one of the upper body exercises for seniors. You may start by standing with weights in your hand and placing them in front of the hips. Position your feet shoulder-width apart. After that, you can lift the weights toward your chin and your elbows are bending. You may do it 10 times.

2. Bicep Curls

If you want to strengthen your bicep muscles, bicep curls are the best exercise for you to do at home. This is important to do since there are many activities every day that require you to have a strong elbow to lift. The activities are such as picking up your grocery bay, lifting your grandchildren, and lifting a load of laundry.

The steps of doing bicep curls are such an easy job. You can start it by holding the weight in your hand at your side. Make sure that your shoulders are straight and your palms are inward. Then, you may bend your elbow toward your shoulder while lifting your palm with the weight.

3. Overhead Elbow Extension

Upper Body Exercises For Seniors To Ease Your Daily Activities

To strengthen your arm and shoulder overhead elbow extension can be done at home. This is very helpful for overhead-reaching activities. One of the upper body exercises for seniors can help you to reach objects on the cupboard or at a higher position. So, you will not get any problems by lifting light weights.

The purpose of performing this practice is so helpful for your body. By doing this in a routine, your upper arm muscles will get stronger each day. Besides, the ability to list your arms above the shoulder can also be improved. So, you can reach high to a shelf easily without getting any problems.

It is easy to do overhead elbow activities. You may also do it by sitting in your home. You may begin by holding the weight in your hand and placing your arm overhead. Then, straighten out your arm up toward the ceiling. You may inhale while doing the upward movement phase and exhale while doing the downward movement phase. Do this exercise 10 times.

4. Triceps Kickbacks

If you want another practice of upper body exercises for seniors, triceps kickbacks may also be another option. This kind of upper body exercises for seniors will make it easier for you to lift a chair or a bed. Besides, the triceps is also important to be trained to assist you in raising your hand over your head to get something in a high position such as on the top of the shelf.

The steps of how to do triceps kickbacks are quite easy since you can do it at home with a chair. You can start it by leaning over your knee if you are in a sitting position. You may also lean over your chair or table if you are in a standing position. You may also straighten your elbow behind it if you feel comfortable. Then, you can return to the beginning and repeat it 10 times.

5. Diagonal Shoulder Raise Inward

Diagonal shoulder raises inward can also be done to strengthen your shoulder, back, and upper arm. This kind of upper body exercise for seniors helps you to put a coat or a shirt on while acquiring an upper body. This exercise can also ease your daily activity such as opening doors, lifting your grandchildren, and opening windows.

If you want to increase the movement of the shoulder for better arm swing while walking, you may begin doing the exercise by sitting or standing while holding the weight at your side. You may hold your palm outward. With the position of the palm forward, you can lift your arm across the body to the opposite shoulder. You also should bend the elbow as you bring the arm up and the palm inward.

6. Bent Over Rows

Upper body exercises for seniors such as bent-over rows help you to strengthen your upper arm and shoulder. As a result, you can perform your daily activity easily such as lifting a grocery bag, opening a refrigerator, unclogging the sink, and so on. This practice will improve your strength of the chest and upper arm. Try this exercise and watch your power grow.

To increase the ability to pull and lift, you can begin the exercise by standing or sitting. If you are standing, you can lean over a table. If you are sitting, you may lean over your knee. Then, hold the weight and support yourself on the table or knee with the other arm. Next, you can lift your arm and raise your elbow shoulder height. There are so many upper body exercises for seniors to do at home. By practicing those, you will get so many benefits such as lifting a load of laundry, opening a window, putting on clothes, and so on. You should do the exercises 3 times a week so that you will feel the upper muscles getting stronger.


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