A Guide Of Physical Fitness – The Types, Focus, And Its Functions

A Guide Of Physical Fitness – The Types, Focus, And Its Functions

The idea of going healthy comes from the very basic improvement, of body health. To get healthy, it is best to put highlight that it is not only about food or exercise. Good food, sleep, and physical fitness are the key to greater life. But, what should you do for the exercises? Here are some details you need to learn about physical exercises or fitness.

About The Terminology of Physical Fitness

To make an easy definition, you can say that the terminology is translated to the human body what fine-tuning is to an engine. It is activities that mostly focus on enabling every part of the body to perform to the best potential. So, you can describe it as the condition or activities that help humans to the tool, feel, and do their best.

It is also easier to describe that the fitness itself will involve varying heart, lung, and muscle performance. With the regular exercise on the body, it is known that the workout will eventually bring effect or affect what people can do with their minds. In other words, fitness will influence the mind and mental to some degree qualities enforcing emotional stability and mental alertness.

The Benefits Of Doing Exercises

But why invest your time and effort in fitness? The general function that people can consider is the benefit of being physically active. It includes avoiding injury, disease, and illnesses. Some others will highlight that the fitness activities are to help boost or improve energy. In many cases, there are many other unexpected advantages of fitness.

The first unexpected benefit is the ability to improve the immune system. It is said that during exercises, many things change the body. Those several positive changes help circulate immune cells in the body more quickly and help kill bacteria or viruses. It is similar to the stress control benefit.

Physical fitness enforces a positive chemical called neurotransmitters that are produced in the human brain. It can be stimulated during exercises, while also helping regulate moods and emotions. Thus, it is known to help people feel better and less stressed. Other functions can cover the better or improvement of body weight, health, and sex life.

Health-Related Components on Fitness workout

Generally, fitness activities and physical exercises are separated into five different components. But before that, there are also two different categories which are the health-related or skills-related components. Each comes with a different focus and functions. Thus, one can pick one that fits their preferences or model of work.

1. The Muscular Strength

The first and the most common physical activities or workouts are the muscular strength component. This is where the main activities are mostly improving the power to lift and carry heavy objects.  And the workout will likely focus on training with heavy weight, working with 4-6 or 12-16 longer reps. Considering the strength and strain, the activities need proper balance.

The balance refers to the use of higher weight equal to fewer reps. So, it won’t burden too much on muscular strength. But why muscular strength fitness is needed? The answer goes to the fact that the weak muscular strength will make the body weak and unable to keep up with the demand placed upon it.

2. Flexibility

Flexibility exercises are another function that is vital for body health and stability. It is something that helps both muscles and joints on working extra miles, providing more fluid movement and less stiff position. In the training, the flexibility focus will likely help the body cover varying motions and positions without pain or stiffness.

In many cases, people can test their flexibility and ability by leaning forward and touching their toes. Those with good flexibility will be able to do the test and touch their toes. This is something that tends to be overlooked, but the more flexible you are the more you can get the full range of motion.

3. Cardiovascular Fitness

Physical fitness for cardiovascular is also known as endurance training. This is where the exercise focuses on the cardiovascular system (heart, lung, and blood vessel) to work on and for certain extended periods. That is why some of the best training sections include swimming, jogging, cycling, and anything that demands endurance.

How to test cardiovascular endurance. Some fitness trainers will consider using step tests. There is also cooper run, which is running as far as possible for around 12 minutes. It will help measure cardiovascular abilities. The key to this training is about the heart and lung capability to fuel oxygen needed during the work.

4. Muscular Endurance

While there is muscular strength, fitness also pays attention to muscular endurance. This is some action that mostly pinpoints the muscle contraction for extended periods. One sure thing is that the muscle is not used to just lifting or carrying sometimes for a few seconds, but prolonged for minutes or so. Thus, it can show muscle fortitude.

The uses and its training are similar to some of the workouts and its fitness focuses on muscular strength. It can be done by slowly increasing the strength during the train using light weight. The practice will eventually help reach the 20-25 rep range. Due to the longer rep range, training likely focus on lighter weight. Thus, it helps improve muscular endurance without too much strain.

5. Body Composition

While the body composition is not merely focused on the activities, it does need proper physical activity to stay regular. The idea itself is that exercise helps maintain body fat composition and ideal weight. The number itself is mostly about the percentage of the body weight covering fat, bone, and muscle. How much is the good percentage?

Generally, the body fat composition is around 25% leaning to a body mass of 75 pounds. That is the ideal number. But to qualify as fit, the number percentages can also be around 17% for men and 24% for body fat for women. On the other hand, the average percentage is still around 18-24% for men and 25-31 for a woman.

Skill-Related Components In Fitness or Workout

A Guide Of Physical Fitness – The Types, Focus, And Its Functions

Aside from the health-related component of the fitness activities, you will also find the sub-division of skill-related activities. It will make it easier to understand that some sporting activities do has a different requirement and focuses on their training. This is something that can help take care of the work and make the exercise more fruitful. So, what are the components?

1. Agility movement  

Agility fitness is something that you can find in most sporting activities. This is an ability or skill-related training, which emphasizes moving quickly and having good control of the movement. For the physical work, the training can include varying movements from dot drills, shuttle runs, forward running, lateral running, lateral plyometric jumps, etc.

Considering the training and its focus, the agility training and component are mostly found in many sporting activities. It can include badminton or tennis, which has a small yet quick movement set. Those players will need to move around the court from front to back and side to side, which needs high speed, efficiency, and agility.  

2. Body Parts Coordination

Coordination training and fitness is another vital body improvement you can find in many sports activities. It is training and action that bring emphasize using two or more body parts together with the same effectiveness and accuracy. The best example is gymnasts, which need proper arm and leg movement coordination to perform tuck somersaults or tricks.

3. Body Balance

Some training might pay attention to the more visible abilities, such as strength or endurance. But behind it, skill-focused training for balance can also mean more body movement potential. This is a physical fitness component that helps maintain and figure out the body’s center of mass.  It allows staying balanced standing above the base supports.

While it is sound pretty mild and less known for physical activities learners, balance is key in most of the exercises. Agility needs proper balance. Coordination also highlights balance to give the best result. In general, you can also find the training in many sports, especially track and field. You can take an example of a sprinter that keep balance on the start position before the gun sound. 

4. Power

Power skill and focus are what you can expect. It is a physical training and fitness component that will emphasize the performing strength action quickly and accurately. It takes more muscle abilities, which is why some training will highlight the uses of weight. But it also focuses on muscle endurance, considering some sports take some time to finish.

In this case, you can take the best example of a javelin thrower. The athletes will use the muscle ability to provide an exploding power with great force for the spear. In the movement, the sport brings a rapid and powerful move on the move. Thus, launching the spear forward with speed and force to reach a certain distance.   

5. Speed Movement

Speed-focused training skill is where the athletes or people will improve on the body’s movement. It is pretty similar to agility, but the focus is mostly on moving quicker and focus on speed. To make a great example is how the training help runner to reach a certain area in a quick movement, in a very short time. It is also part of many track and field sports routines. 

6. Reaction Time

Improving the time taken to respond to certain stimuli is what the reaction time physical fitness training will pay attention to. It demands other functions, such as agility and coordination. But it is also possible to increase by themselves since some sports will need a quick reaction time.

The best example should be the boxer training which is not only about punching and throwing great force. It is also a sport that put the player on taking greater reaction time, such as moving their head to avoid being struck by a punch. Those speedy reaction time also aids them to develop reflection, which is important in the game. 

Things You Need To Put In Mind When Start Training Or Exercising With Its Different Components

Considering the very wide range of focus and function the workout can be, some points help pick the best exercise. The idea mostly highlights the underlining principle. You will need to consider specificity, which means picking based on what you want to improve. Such as focusing on strength or a certain sport to focus on the result.

Another good consideration you might want to get is to keep regularity on the exercise. It is impossible to hoard and do everything at once. So, it is better to stay with a regular schedule. It is also great to keep in mind overload, which is working hard enough to bring improvement. And every level of exercise or workout should have progression, which indicates an increase in intensity frequency, and period. 

The last thing that helps you get the proper focus and fitness is to pay attention to every sub-division. Fitness itself can be broken down into some different skill-related components and health-related components. With different divisions, you can put or plan a great routine for the best result. Thus, the total physical activities will not only focus on one.

It is also considered as smart if you also pay attention to the physical fitness action. Some sports will likely put more attention and emphasis on health and skill-building training. Boxing will focus on strength, power, and reaction time. Tennis or badminton tend to put a skill on agility. You can also make an example of the goalkeeper position, which focuses on reaction time, agility, and flexibility.

The idea of doing fitness is mostly related to and associated with starting a healthy lifestyle. It can also associate with a new physical or sports focus. No matter what you are going to do, it is better to understand that fitness itself is separated into varying components. Most of it highlights the focus and function, which is why it is better to determine the goal before starting the physical workout.  


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