7 Surprisingly Easy Leg Exercises for Women and the Benefits

7 Surprisingly Easy Leg Exercises for Women and the Benefits

Are you excited to do leg workouts? No? It is surely tough, but leg exercises at the gym or home are so much worth it. When you do it at home, you surely feel at ease and much more relaxed. These exercises have so many benefits including increasing your heart rate, strength, and movements. Here are 6 leg exercises that women should do with their benefits.

7 Leg Workouts that Women Should Do and their Health Benefits

1. Hip Circles

Hip circles can be started by supporting yourself first. You should put your weight on your knees and your elbows and keep your shoulders over the hips and the elbows over the knees. Then, make a circle in the air with one knee from the hip. You can draw the circle as wide as you can while keeping it stable. You may keep moving the right knee in circles for 30 seconds and repeat.

There are so many benefits you can get from performing hip circles in a routine. This exercise will help you to loosen the lower back and hip muscles, trim the waist, improve your flexibility, and strengthen the core. Not only that, this kind of leg exercise for women also helps you relieve stress and tension.

2. Jump Rope

Some of you must know what jump rope is. Yes, it needs a rope to swing and you should jump every time the rope will hit your feet. However, you can do these leg exercises for women without a rope. You should stand with your feet under the hips and your arms at the sides. You can do jumps in place continually as if you are jumping with a rope. You may do it vertically or laterally.

The reason why you should do jump rope is not only to give your legs a serious burn, but it will also help you to improve your heart rate for a healthy cardiovascular workout as well. Besides, your running speed and coordination will be increased gradually. Your anxiety will also decrease slowly.

3. Skaters

If you have an interest in running, skaters are one of the best options for your leg exercises for women. You can begin by standing with your feet hip-width and shifting your weight onto your left leg. You can use it to jump toward the other side and then land with your right foot. You can continue by alternating sides and go faster to improve your heart rate or go slow for balancing.

Skaters’ exercises also have various health benefits that you can get. This exercise is included as one of the leg exercises for women that improve strength and mule endurance. Your hips, glutens, and legs are also strengthened and your balance and coordination are also increased. As a result, you will stay agile and quick while using your knee to do daily activities.

4. Walking Lunges

7 Surprisingly Easy Leg Exercises for Women and the Benefits

For those who want to increase their range of motion, you should try walking lunges. These exercises need you to place your hands on your hips first. Then, you can take a large step forward with your right leg and keep your torso upright. Make your knees bent and lower your body. Next, you should stop when your legs are at 90-degree angles.

Not only increase your motions but walking lunges will also help you to increase your balance and posture by loosening up your hamstrings and your hips. Furthermore, it is very beneficial for athletes, casual exercisers, and fitness novices alike. This is why you should do walking lunges so that you can move on two legs easily every day.

5. Donkey Kick

Start it by placing your hands and your knees on the mat with the hands under the shoulders and knees under the hips. You should keep your right knee at a 90-degree angle and lift the left leg into the air until it forms just like a straight line with your shoulders and back. Make your right toe point upward.

Aside from burning your butt, the donkey kick also stabilizes your core. Since this exercise needs you to stay in balance, it will give you better balance in other leg exercises for women and daily movements. You should start doing it to activate your glutes more effectively during workouts and include it as one of your warm-up routines.

6. Lateral Lunge

If you need well-rounded fitness, the lateral lunge is the perfect exercise for you. You can start it by standing with your feet hip-width apart while holding dumbbells with your hands. Then, take a wide step to the right and push the hips back. You also can bend your right knee and lower it until the right one is bent to 90 degrees. You may continue it to the opposite side.

Lateral lunge helps you to develop stability, strength, and balance. These exercises work for your inner and outer things. Besides, it also helps you to reduce the appearance of cellulite. The side lunges will train your body to move side to side which is a good change from your body’s normal forward into twisting movements.

7. Bulgarian Split Squat

To do a Bulgarian split squat, start it by standing in front of the chair. It is optional if you want to hold a weight in each hand. Then, you can extend your left leg back and position your left foot on a step. Then, bend your knees to lower the body as fast as you possibly can. You should keep your shoulders back and your chest up. To return from the start, press through the right heel.

Bulgarian split squat has so many health benefits. Just like other leg exercises for women, this exercise will improve your mobility to keep your core engaged while shifting the weight from one leg to another. While doing this in routine, you can keep control of your body, so you will not get toppled over while walking, dancing, running, or standing.

There are so many leg exercises for women that you can do at home or do them all as your series of workouts. By doing them repeatedly and daily, you will get tons of health benefits from strength, balance, sustainability, mobility, and so on. From those, your body will feel fresh and healthier than before.  


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