Upper Body Exercises For Women And Know The Benefits

Upper Body Exercises For Women And Know The Benefits

Women usually and tendency to look perfect, whether for their physical appearance or what they are wearing. Having body goals for women is an amazing achievement because a great body will affect much on physical appearance. One of the ways to get body goals is to do exercises. There are many kinds of exercise, from lower to upper body exercises. See more of the benefits and kinds of upper body exercises for women.

Wants Health and Body Goals? Read This Benefits of Upper Body Exercises

1. Create an Amazing Look of Physical Appearance

Physical appearance is not just about the face, but also the shape of the body. Some people might think that exercise will build muscle for women, but it is not true. Through exercise, people are not going to be muscular, but their bodies will be fit and get the ideal shape. As a result, exercise will not directly cause women to become muscular.

The types of exercise that are typically performed range from lower to upper body exercise. As it is called, lower body exercise is purposed to strengthen the lower body. Vice versa, the upper body exercise is to take the upper body strength. For women, lower body exercise might help to maintain the lower body fit and strengthen body endurance to do daily routines.

Meanwhile, upper body exercise will lead women to get a strong shoulder, back, bicep, and triceps. It will help a lot to bring heavy things and other activities using it. Besides that, with upper body exercises for women, the upper body will generally become tight and form the perfect body shape. Given this benefit, there is no reason to avoid doing upper-body exercises again.

2. Maintain Body Health and Avoid Illness

People believe that exercising is the most important activity for maintaining body health. It goes the same with upper body exercise, the main goal of this activity is not only to get body goals for women but also to maintain body health. Regular exercise strengthens the muscles and bones and increases endurance for activities.

Exercise can also help you avoid illness because illness will come to an unfit body. In this case, upper body exercise can lead the bones stronger so it can avoid the risk of osteoporosis as people get older. Then, the strong muscle also helps people to avoid sarcopenia. Do upper body exercise in a daily routine to keep healthy.

3. Decrease Calories in the Body

Not only to get body goals and maintain body health, upper body exercises for women also can decrease the calories in their bodies. In general, the body transforms calories into energy to do daily routines. But, the rest of the calories that are not used will be saved as fat in the body. As a result, the pile of fat will affect body shape.

So, it needs the effort to decrease the unused calories so they do not turn into fat. Through upper body exercise, women can decrease the calories in their upper body. As a result, the shape of their upper body is no longer filled up with fat again. It is because the calories are for doing exercise and not becoming fat.

4. Change the Body Posture Better

Nowadays, most people do not have good posture. It is closely related to the modern lifestyle, which requires people to sit and bend down to look at a computer screen. In the end, it affects a lot on body posture. Besides that, the problem that usually comes out is a rounded shoulder without upper body exercises for women, and it does not look good.

Exercising the upper body will help people to reshape their body posture better. For women, the exercise will transform the posture of the shoulder, and upright of the back, and improve the shape of the breast. Then, with that good posture, women will look amazing wearing any kind of outfit.

With those benefits of upper body exercise, it shows how important it is for women. With regular upper body exercise, women will get a healthier body and improve their body appearance better. Here are some kinds of upper body exercises that can be done by women, see more of the kind and how to do it below.

What Exercises for the Upper Body that Women Can Do at Home?

1. Pause Push-Up

Pause push-up is one of the classic body exercises. It helps on building the shoulders and triceps. From the various kind of push-up, pause push-up focuses on stopping in the challenging position as it is called. The pause position is one of the upper body exercises for women. To do this exercise start from the plank position and bend your elbows up to 45 degrees to lower the body, stopping it for three seconds and repeating.

2. Dumbbell Exercise

Upper Body Exercises For Women And Know The Benefits

Dumbbell exercise is very similar to upper-body exercise in that it aims to tighten the upper-body muscles and back. There is a lot of kind dumbbell exercise that exists, people can find the appropriate exercise considering their body’s ability. Furthermore, the weight of the dumbbell used is adjusted according to each person’s ability.

3. Close Grip Lat Pull Down

Close Grip Lat Pull Down focuses on building the strength of the bicep. The step to do this exercise start with sitting down on bent knees, then grabbing the bar. Then, truck the shoulder down and pull the bar slowly. Pull down the bar until it is close to the collarbone, then slowly return the bar up

4. Close Grip Barbell Bench Press

Close Grip Barbell Bench Press is one of the upper body exercises for women that can help build the triceps and muscles of the upper chest. As it uses a bench and bar, this exercise pushes the works of muscles such as the triceps, pecs, and anterior deltoids. How to do this exercise is started by laying on the bench and lifting the bar up and down to train the triceps.

From the benefits that have been mentioned above, upper body exercise is important and beneficial for women. Not only about getting body goals, but also to maintain body health. Other things that are brought up from this kind of exercise are avoiding some illnesses, repairing body posture, and also fostering confidence with a better physical appearance.


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