Fitness Ideas For Every Ages, Be Active And Healthy Your Ways!

Fitness Ideas For Every Ages, Be Active And Healthy Your Ways!

It is given that every person has their preferences about exercises. Not only personal likeness and preferences, but the types of physical activities to get healthy will also change drastically depending on their age. Remember that you got a lot to pick as your fitness idea. And here are some of the fitness ideas that you can pick based on the age group.

Fitness Ideas: Fun And Engaging Activities For Kids

When talking about kids and exercise, you need to underline that they are bound to have high tension and energy. So rather than focusing on the activities, you can always allow them to be kids. The key to good exercise and fitness for your kids can relate to fun and engaging activities. And at the same time, be sure that your little one has at least one hour of physical activity each day. 

1. Running And Jumping

Running and jumping are pretty basic physical activities for youngsters. It is part of the playing, which you can encourage the kids to run and jump during tags or some games. For kids, these activities are natural for them. Thus, supporting them to enjoy physical games with friends, family, or others will eventually help them develop healthy coordination, lungs, and hearts.

2. Bear Crawls

For younger kids, such as toddlers it is possible to ask them to get into all fours with both hands and feet on the ground. The seemingly fun action can ramp up their curiosity. As the kids are on all fours, ask them to keep the arms shoulder-width apart while the hip up in the air. Let them move forward to help improve upper and lower body muscle development. 

3. Skipping

Skipping might sound simple, however, it is an activity that promotes coordinated movement of running and jumping. The way it works is mostly to pinpoint the proprioception and timing skills. It means the body will learn how to put proper movement and positions to stay active. To make it fun, you can always employ tag or freeze games.

4. Squats

As simple as squats, the action, and physical demand are pretty high. It is a great exercise to increase and improve body stability and strength. With proper practice, the lower body muscle groups will also improve in overall strength. Again, the exercise will sound boring. So, it is better to raise kids’ interest by putting toys around, making a game, or adding challenges.

5. Yoga

Yoga is not always identical for adult or elderly fitness ideas, it is also good for young kids. The purpose of yoga itself is to build flexibility and strength. At the same time, the practice also employs mindfulness to reduce stress. It is a relaxing activity, but kids can get bored quickly. That is why going with parents Yoga might answer the idea.

Friend And Sport Activities For Teens

Reaching teenage ages, many young people will start having an interest in playing sports. It is the best chance to support their physical activities and fitness for them. In many cases, the options are related to school or social circle. They can be active in many ways, which should suffice their daily physical activities for around one hour at least.

1. Sports

In school, sports became one of my biggest interests. It is given with the growth hormone to get active. In this case, joining sports activities can help relieve and suffice the daily exercise need. Early teenagers can get introduced to varying sports, such as Football, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, or Swimming. Going with friends and school will be a great motivational support.

2. Martial Arts

Similar to sports, your teen can always try martial arts as a fitness solution. Depending on the type your teens want to learn, the focus will be different. But learning martial arts comes with a wide variety of benefits, including developing a well-rounded cardio and strength routine. It is also a good way to improve mental confidence.

3. Tracks And Field

Also known as the purest sports, track and field include a lot of practice and physical activities. Some schools or extracurriculars might put the track and field as the more challenging and competitive option, but it is a good exercise for teens. The activities can include sprinter, runner, marathoner, gymnast, or other athletes. 

4. Gym Exercises

Getting the body swell is the purpose, but the process of gym exercises is not simple. Teenagers’ muscles and bodies are still growing. So, to not disrupt the natural growth plates it is better to avoid heavy lifts for 13-15 years teenagers. But if the age is closer to 18, it is okay to learn the overload principle. Other than that, it is better to focus on entire body exercise.

Entire body exercise is the key to a strong core. It is important for teenagers to not only focus on fitness highlight upper body (boys) or lower body (girls) development. Alternating it will support the growth plate. At the same time, it is worth teaching balance with plyometric exercises and body weight.

Group Sport And Relaxation For Adults

Fitness Ideas For Every Ages, Be Active And Healthy Your Ways!

Let’s put adults from the age of 20 to late 40. Differ on each age group, the fitness ideas works and activities will widely range due to the increasing responsibilities, work, and other activities. However, no matter how old you are, at least you need to get a 30-minute daily dose of exercise. IF you want, it is also possible to limit it to around five days a week.

What should you do with the ideas? The answer will not be the same. People in their 20s can start building a fitness foundation by creating exercise habits. In the 30s, due to the reducing muscle strength, the activity focusing on weight training will be the answer. And at the age of 40s, you can start with an exercise routine to maintain your body’s condition, weight, and health.

As much as you can work around 30 minutes daily as the minimum amount, it does not mean you can ramp up the intensity. It is best to start slow since you might already have much to do all day. It is also good to practice some workouts that combine its function to reduce stress, improve health, boost energy, and strengthen muscle, bones, and brain function. 

1. Walking Or Jogging

With work taking more time in your life, it is good to get a quick exercise for about 30 minutes a day. It is also worth noting that you don’t have to do a hard and intense workout for the routine. The easiest way to get in shape is by walking and jogging. You can always pick one that will fit your preference or ability. No one stops you to run or walk your dog every morning.

2. Building Strength

Strength exercises are not always about the gym. If you put in the effort and go to the gym, it will be worth some dollars for members and working together with others. Going to the gym benefits you from some extra help from the pros. However, you can also work with the same focus even at home. Some basic hand weight, using a gallon of water, cans of soup, pantries, or household chores will be enough. 

While it is good to build strength, underline the fact that your muscle and strength are starting to diminish as you get older. You should not force yourself to go for the highest rep. Do it slowly and increase step by step. 10 or 15 reps should be enough. You can also add more weight as you feel comfortable. The more physical activity you can do, the healthier your body will be.

3. Cardio Exercises

Many adults start to take their time to work with cardio exercises. Some of the best examples are aerobic activities, which is a great instance of light exercise with great benefits. It can help lower blood pressure and increase heart rate, which helps reduce cardiovascular disease. Some similar exercises you can try include dancing, hiking, cycling, or swimming.

4. Balance Workout

Simple fitness ideas such as standing on one leg should be the perfect balancing workout. The workout focuses on sharpening neurological functions that likely decline as you grow up. The key to balance exercise is to focus on promoting flexibility and coordination. You can simply walk with a book on your head, sit cross-legged, or get up and down from the floor. 

5. Doing Household Chores   

Being an adult means an increase in responsibilities and duties. At home, the dreadful housework can be the perfect exercise option for many parents or working adults. You don’t need a gym or expensive apparel and equipment, you can work with vacuum cleaners, gardening activities, or cleaning duties.

Think about gardening that takes a lot of effort. Raking leaves, cutting grass, or branches also need more energy. Even vacuuming the entire house can burn calories. The idea and the principle are pretty simple, be active. You will likely be bending, moving, stretching, and exerting energy during the cleaning duties. And it is always a great exercise for adults.

Fitness Ideas For Seniors: Balance And Light Workout

Assuming seniors from the age of 50+, the range of physical activities will be greatly reduced. With aches and pains starting to come out, people in their 50s can adapt their exercise regime with low-impact activities. People aged around 60s can keep working with aerobic and light exercises. And at 70s plus, getting constant balance exercise for 30 minutes a day for five days a week should be enough. 

While it is hard to keep your body far from feeling hurt and pain, it is best to start exercise that helps improve brain function. Regular exercise is the key. Being old does not mean being limited. With more exercise, you can improve balance, energy, and prevent disease, thus you can be more independent. So, what are the best fitness ideas for seniors?

1. Chair Yoga

Focusing on a low-impact form of workout, chair yoga will help improve mental and body health. It is less straining than the normal yoga since it comes with light movements such as overhead stretch, seated cat, cow, mountain, or twist pose. In general, you still get what yoga offers, such as mobility, balance, strength, and flexibility.

2. Water Aerobics

The refreshing water activities bring almost every good aspect of exercise. You can expect joint exercise and strength training. With a good trainer and regimen, you can find some actions such as flutter kicking, leg lift, aqua jogging, arm curls, and other movements beneficial. It has minimal stress on your body, which improves balance, strength, and flexibility.

3. Low-impact Pilates

Pilates is popular for both adult and senior practitioners. For a low-impact form of exercise, Pilates can go from extreme to a more senior-friendly workout. Sometimes, the workout focuses on concentration, alignment, breathing, and core strength. At the same time, it is also a perfect balance exercise with extra flexibility practice for older adults. 

4. Resistance Band Workout Or Dumbbell Strength

A low-impact and also a budget-friendly exercise every senior can take is a resistance band and dumbbell workout. The stretchy straps of rubber can make some exercise doable for everyone. It is also doable with or without help, such as triceps press or bicep curl. A low-weight dumbbell is also a great strength exercise product, which is good to keep the muscle and bones strong.

5. Walking Exercise

10,000 steps per day are the advised exercise for a healthy lifestyle. Thankfully, walking is one of the cheap, easy, and low-impact fitness ideas for every age. For seniors, this workout can be a great stress reliever as well as a proper workout. It does not have to be 10,000 steps. A quick 30 minutes walk around the block or going with a group and dog, might help lift the tension.  

Highlighting the fact that every age has different capabilities, giving the best workout should suffice their needs and body health. The key is to not stress, push, or slack. With the body’s intensity getting lower, your workout won’t get too intense at old age. But a proper and routine workout routine since young can create better body health even in the future.


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