Natural Dandruff Treatment – Home Remedies To Control The White Flaking

Natural Dandruff Treatment - Home Remedies To Control The White Flaking

Despite being one of the incurable conditions, dandruff is still controllable with good treatment and health control. And surprisingly, the treatment is not always put on the doctor’s hand. Some good popular natural dandruff treatments are enough for home remedies. You can do it as simple as applying plant-based, to some unique trick for the treatment.

5 Tips on How Do You Treat Dandruff Naturally at Home

1. Salt to Scrub and Massage

Probably one of the very versatile natural products you can use for body, skin, and hair scalp health is salt. Salt has an abrasive nature which allows users to scrub out dandruff before shampooing. How to use it? You can simply grab a saltshaker, sprinkle some salt onto your dry scalp, and start the scrub plus massage. It helps dry dandruff. Then continue with shampoo to wash it out.

2. Garlic Help Eliminate Bacteria

Another kitchen seasoning that sounds bizarre for your scalp is garlic. As weird as it sounds, garlic has antimicrobial properties that help eliminate dandruff-causing bacteria. In one way or another, it is also a wonderous natural ingredient with various benefits for your health. But for natural dandruff treatments, you only need to crush, rub, and use it.

3. Vinegar to Treat Dry and Itchy Skin

Dandruff comes with annoying itchy and dry skin. At one point, scraping your scalp due to the itch only makes the condition worsen. The white flakes will fall and your skin will get irritated. Vinegar in this case can be a great solution. But remember that vinegar has acidic content in it. It might sting a sound wound and scratch your scalp.

Nevertheless, vinegar is a great substance to help take care of your dandruff. At least the contents are believed can reduce flaking by killing the dandruff-causing fungus and bacteria. To use the natural dandruff treatments, you need to at least mix white vinegar and water on the scalp about an hour or 30 minutes before shampooing.

4. Neem Extract for Anti-Fungal and Anti-Bacterial

Probably not known as a natural ingredient for hair, but neem is a great player in shampoo production. You can find several shampoo products with neem extract in it. But you can also use or make your own by mixing it with water, mushing the leaves, and applying the water on your slap. It is also best to use a very diluted version as it might irritate when used too much. 

5. Aloe Vera As Mild Exfoliation

Natural Dandruff Treatment - Home Remedies To Control The White Flaking

The best and probably the most common ingredient is Aloe vera. The amazing plants are known to help exfoliate your skin and fight some bacterial properties. The plant is also easier to use since you can simply open up the leave, get the transparent consistency, and apply it to your scalp. After waiting for a few minutes, wash the natural dandruff treatments, and you are done.

Considering that Dandruff is harder to take care of, it is best to treat it with something you can easily do and won’t cost that much. That is why some of the best natural products will work as your dandruff treatment. Some of the items are also easier to get, something that is available kitchen products for several plants around your garden.  


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