6 Popular Low Carb Diet Plans Most Effective You Should Know

6 Popular Low Carb Diet Plans Most Effective You Should Know

Having an ideal body proportion may be everyone’s dream. You can do plenty of activities to achieve your dream body proportion. One of the activities you may try is diet. Nowadays, there are many types of diets, including low carb diets. If you want to try a low carb diet, you need to know these are the most popular low carb diets.

Best Low Carb Diet Ideas You Should Do That Can Save Your Life

1. Basic Low Carb Diet

The first low carb diet idea you may try is a basic low carb diet. Actually, you must follow no official guidelines or rules when you want to do this low-carb diet. But, you can say it is a basic low carb diet if you consume no more than 100-150 grams of carbs daily. You can also eat less than that, but still on the body’s needs limit.

This popular low carb diet is loved by people because it gives them so many options of foods to consume every day but still can loosen their weight. You can eat foods that contain carbs, such as fruits, dairy, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, seeds, and legumes. Just choose whatever you like the most.

As mentioned before, normally, people who follow this basic low-carb diet will eat carbs no more than 100 to 150 grams a day. But you can also eat lower carbs daily to lose weight faster. But remember that you have to know your body condition before reducing your carbs consumption a day.

2. Zero-Carb

The following well-known low carbs diet is zero-carb. Just like the name, zero-carb means a diet that eliminates all carbs consumed daily. The zero-carbs usually only consumed animal foods. People who do this type of low-carb eat meats, eggs, fish, and animal fats such as butter and lard. Others also add salt and herbs to what they eat every day.

Although this diet has many fans all around the world, zero-carb actually does not really recommend to do. It is because our body needs other vital nutrients to maintain health. By doing this one of the popular low carb diets, you may be lacking some essential nutrients.

3. Ketogenic Diet

Another low carb diet followed by many people is the ketogenic diet. The ketogenic diet is a diet that requires people to eat food containing very low carbs but high fat. This low-carb diet aims to maintain the carb consumption low, so the body goes into a metabolic state, namely ketosis.

In this state, your insulin levels will lower drastically, and your body will release fatty acids. The amount of fatty acids released by the body while in the ketosis state is extremely high. These fatty acids will transfer into your heart and change it into ketones. Ketones are molecules soluble in water and can also pass across the blood-brain barrier and supply energy to the brain.

Then, instead of using carbs while doing this popular low carb diet, your body will naturally depend only on ketones. Your body will still produce the glucose your brain needs, but with a small amount. The process of producing a small amount of glucose for the brain in this low-carb diet is called gluconeogenesis.

The ketogenic diet is popular because it has many benefits for the body. This diet can benefit people with neurological disorders and metabolic problems. It is also perfect for bodybuilders because this ketogenic diet will help you to reduce your appetite, which is an effective way to lose fat.

The consumption of carbs required in this diet is at most 50 grams a day. Some people even limit their consumption of carbs to between 20 to 30 grams a day. It is perfect for building your body and losing weight simultaneously. But, you may consider your body’s health by consult to the doctor first.

4. Paleo Diet

Today, the low-carb paleo diet is considered one of the popular low carb diets in the world. It is called by paleo diet because the concept encourages people to eat foods that were only available in the Paleolithic era. The paleolithic era was an era before the agricultural and industrial revolutions came.

The Paleo diet is loved by many people because it has many benefits for the body. According to previous research, the paleo diet can reduce blood sugar levels and help lose body weight. But, the paleo diet is not good if you have heart problems because it can higher the risk of heart disease.

5. Whole30

6 Popular Low Carb Diet Plans Most Effective You Should Know

Another popular low carb diet you may try is whole30. Following the whole30 diet, you will be asked to consume only meats, seafood, vegetables, and fats. You are not allowed to eat food that contains added sugar, including alcohol, grains, dairy, and legumes. You need to follow this instruction only for 30 days or a month.

This whole30 diet is good for losing weight. But, it will be hard for people who used to eat foods containing high sugar or added sugar. Also, you need to be consistent if you want to follow this type of low carb diet because it is a short terms diet. After finishing 30 days with whole30, you may stop it and make another plan to maintain your body.

6. A Low-Carb High-Fat

Last but not least, the popular low carb diet you may try is a low-carb, high-fat diet. When you follow this type of low-carb diet, you will eat fewer carbs and more fats. You will consume 25 percent more calories and 60 percent more fats. It is considered the easier low-carb diet than the ketogenic diet, which is more strict and has many rules.

Because it is easier and gives people more freedom while doing this diet, it has lots of followers. Not only because it is easier, but it offers many benefits to the body. The biggest advantage of doing a low-carb, high-fat diet is that it helps you lose weight, which is a perfect choice if you dream of having an ideal body proportion.

There are still lots of low-carb diets, but those are all considered popular low carb diets. If you want to do one of the mentioned diets above, you may do your consult first, as every person’s body will have different conditions.


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