Is Shea Butter For Scars Recommended? Get To Know The Super Ingredient For A Better Skin

Is Shea Butter For Scars Recommended? Get To Know The Super Ingredient For A Better Skin

Several natural products and extracts are for its benefits for skin health. Among those super ingredients is shea butter. But then why and how do you use them as your skincare product? In this case, the best example is shea butter for scar treatment. Is it recommended? Of course, yes. Here are things that you should know about the ingredients. 

What Is Shea Butter?

Starting with what is shea butter? The first thing to underline is the fact that shea butter is a rich source of healthy fats, which is known for its capability to plum and hydrate the skin. Where does it originate from? It is known to be extracted from nuts on the African shea tree. Then, it is mostly used as a moisturizer product to combat dry skin while also improving your natural oils as a protector.

But what does it do for scars or inflammation? The bottom line for Shea butter is the capability to help fight inflammation in the skin. It is similar to cinnamic acid, which is the perfect option to treat acne scars. There are a lot of benefits and capabilities that Shea butter offers to take care of your skin. The following list will show you the details.

8 Benefits of Shea Butter for Skin You Should Know

1. Moisturizing

The first thing to note is the moisturizing benefit. Shea butter for scars is good, but its capability to bind moisture and keep your skin hydrated helps the scar recuperation a lot. These moisturizing effects come from its high concentration of fatty acid contents, such as palmitic acid, linoleic, stearic, and oleic. Hence, the ingredient restores your skin barrier.

2. Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Do you have reddish acne or a skin condition such as eczema? In this case, the shea butter is not only to recover your damaged skin. But it is also a good ingredient to slow down any production of inflammatory cells, such as cytokines. With that, you can avoid common skin problems such as eczema or some other irritation.

3. A Good Antioxidant

When it comes to shea butter for scars, you can expect antioxidant assets. Like many other antioxidants, the ingredient gives an active anti-aging effect. At the same time, it protects your skin cells from the harmful free radicals. It will be the first thing to consider about premature aging and dull-looking skin prevention.

4. Strong Antibacterial Assets 

While healing the scars is the priority, it cannot be denied that antibacterial assets are needed as well. The antibacterial properties can help prevent further skin damage and acne-causing bacteria. It offers a great fight against skin infections caused by fungi. And eventually, help to generate new skins to clear up the scars. 

5. Can Help Prevent Acne

With all of the strong capabilities, the shea butter may help prevent recurring acne. Prop to the antibacterial and antifungal assets to fight acne. This aspect will be a huge help and support for people with face scars due to acne. How so? Because you can prevent acne, clean the scars, and help recover the damaged skin.

Is Shea Butter For Scars Recommended? Get To Know The Super Ingredient For A Better Skin

How does the shea butter for scars work as an acne prevention? The main answer is the capabilities to clear your skin from sebum or excess oil. The natural ingredient will moisturize your skin, balance the oil, and clean up any potential issues. All without the need to strip out the natural oil. So, your skin can recover naturally and you don’t have to worry about acne.  

6. Promote Cell Regeneration

One of the main abilities of shea butter to treat scars comes from the cell regeneration booster. The two previous assets, antioxidants, and moisturizers are the basis of skin regeneration. Those two will grow healthy and better cells, which also eases the process of getting rid of dead skin cells.

How does it work? For a short explanation and demonstration, you need to image the dead skins or old skins on top of the skin surface. FYI, humans can shed more than 30,000 old skin cells every day. That means you need a proper moisture balance to help shed or generate less dead skin to support fresh cell regeneration. It will avoid acne or clogged pores as well. 

7. Give Sun protection             

Scars can get irritated due to the strong exposure to sunshine. While you can help cover up using sunscreen, shea butter for scars can add more protection films to your skin. You can always layer it with your sunscreen or pick the product that has SPF 3 or 4 with shea butter in it. With that, you can avoid scars inflammation, and irritation. Preventing them from getting worse.

8. Treat Scars and Help Wound Healing

One thing to note is the fact that you cannot fully recover from a scar, or you cannot fully get rid of them. They may appear lighter, but they are still there. In this case, shea butter is not the magical tool that will recolor your skin and remove the scars. It is mostly about lessening its appearance. The key is the capability to boost collagen production.

Another note is how the shea butter reduces underlying inflammation in your scars or wounds. This healing asset is mostly linked to the fatty acids asset that helps shield wounds or scars from environmental irritants. With that capability, you can also check the shea butter to reduce stretch marks or scarring.

The shea butter can stop keloid fibroblast or scar tissue from reproducing. These assets of shea butter for scars may encourage healthy cell growth to replace the scar tissue. But again, they are not completely gone. Almost every scar-removing skincare focuses on minimizing the appearance, irritation, and inflammation, and making it smooth again.

So, should you consider using skincare with shea butter in it? for all its good benefits, you can consider it as a yes. There are a lot of functions and properties that help take care of the skin or face properly. It is also a pretty common ingredient for skincare, which makes it easier to find. If you are looking for a good healing skincare, consider anything with Shea butter.


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