The Secret Tips to Losing Weight on Vegan Diet

The Secret Tips to Losing Weight on Vegan Diet

Vegans are always assumed by most people that they must be healthy because they prefer to eat greens to meat. However, this is the wrong assumption because not all vegans are healthy and lose weight. If you turn to a vegan for losing body fat, you must be aware of these strategies to get the scale moving downward.

The Effective Ways of Losing Body Fat for Vegan

1. Maintain Calorie Deficit

The concept of weight loss is easy to understand. If you burn calories more than the intake or consumption, you will lose weight more. Yes, it is easier said than done. There are many ways to maintain the calorie deficit, such as metabolic rate, non-exercise physical activity, exercise, and diet-induced thermogenesis.

You should do exercise for 5% of the calories you burn which is why we cannot outrun a bad diet. For example, to burn off one donut, you should walk for about an hour or run for 23 minutes. Also, high-intensity interval training makes us eat more and move less. So, you do not need to do intense exercise, only a little movement is enough.

2. Focus on Fiber

Fiber is zero calories but nutritious and filling and cannot be absorbed by the body. Evermore, it only helps us with regular glass movement. However, we already have billions of helpers to digest fiber. When our gut bacteria break down fiber, they turn it into SCFAs or short-chain fatty acids which can be absorbed by our bodies.

SCFA plays an important role in our body regulating appetite, body fat, and metabolism. When you increase the fiber intake, it decreases your daily calorie intake. This is why fiber adds bulk to food, but empty calories. Plus, an empty stomach may lead to less calorie consumption and a longer feeling of fullness.

Choosing high-fiber foods is also one of the tips for losing weight on vegan diet. The plant is the only source of fiber. High-fiber options that you may consume are beans and legumes, fruits, whole grains, nuts and seeds, greens, and root vegetables. You may turn them into creations, such as soup.

3. Choose All Grains

The Secret Tips to Losing Weight on Vegan Diet

Throw odd the white bread because it is time for you to switch to whole-grain bread. Sprouted grain bread might be the best option for consumption because it has no added oil or sugar. Plus it is full of high-fiber grains. Another thing you may eat is pasta because it is made from 100% whole wheat or whole grains.

4. Consume More Water

Another thing you should do to lose body fat from a vegan diet is by drinking more water and avoiding liquid calories. Liquid calories, such as juices, energy drinks, sodas, and alcohol are high in empty calories and sugars which decrease the metabolism. If you do not like plain water, try to add a squeeze of lime and fresh mint.

Losing weight on vegan diet is easier said than done because there are so many strategies that need to be done. However, there are easy ways to lose body fat effectively from maintaining the calorie deficit to consuming more water just like the lists above. These tips are rarely known by many people.


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