The Examples of Physical Fitness Components That People Must Know

People Must Know: The Examples of Physical Fitness Components

In doing physical fitness, many components can be used to determine what type of exercise to do. Furthermore, there are five components of physical fitness. Each component also has exercises and their respective functions. Before doing exercises, it is better first to identify the examples of physical fitness components.

Examples of 5 Components in Physical Fitness and Their Benefits

1. Cardiovascular Endurance

In general, cardiovascular endurance is the resistance of the lungs and heart in doing an exercise. Whether the performance of both is strong in constantly providing oxygen to the body, exercises that people can try to measure this component in our bodies are as follows: jogging, swimming, and cycling. Count and notice how strong the two vitals can survive.

2. Muscular Strength

Muscle strength is an important component of physical fitness. This component measures how much force can be generated by the body’s muscles when doing an exercise. Moreover, people can train this muscle strength with several kinds of exercises. Can be trained by doing push-ups, bicep curls, leg presses, or bench presses.

3. Muscular Endurance

In addition to examples of physical fitness components, muscle endurance also has an important role. Because, like the law of cause and effect, when the muscles of the body have increased their strength. It will have an effect on decreasing the endurance of the body’s muscles. People should be aware of balancing the amount of muscle strength and endurance.

Since the muscles are already exerting maximum strength when doing the exercise, it is normal for the muscles to be able to hold on for only a few moments. It is also called relaxation. After that, the muscles will relax to restore the strength that has been lost. People can train their muscles’ endurance by doing sit-ups, using a treadmill, or cycling.

4. Flexibility

The next the examples of physical fitness components is flexibility, which is the ability of the joints of the body to move within the existing range of motion. With this, the body can flexibly move as much as possible, stretching stiff muscles after strenuous activities. To train the body’s flexibility, you can do exercises such as sitting and reaching, stretching, and others.

People Must Know: The Examples of Physical Fitness Components

5. Body Composition

The last is body composition. It is the number and composition of vital organs in the body. For example, the amount of muscle mass, fat, bone, and organs. To measure body composition like this, you can use underwater weighing, bioelectric impedance, or skinfold readings. However, due to the need for equipment that is not simple, it is very rare for such measurements to be available.

The examples of physical fitness components above have a function and a great influence on the body when doing exercise. In connection with this, the five components are used as a basic reference when measuring the body’s ability before exercising. People must understand the importance of this. Looking at the examples of the important components of physical fitness, people can conclude that physical fitness cannot be considered easy. Because of these components, it would be better before doing an exercise first consider the needs or abilities of the body by looking at these components.


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