Aerial Yoga Equipment You Should Have Before You Start It!

Want To Try Aerial Yoga? These Are the Required Aerial Yoga Equipment

Yoga is one of the exercises chosen by people because of its benefits. Doing yoga regularly will maintain someone’s mental and physical health. There are many different types of yoga, and one of them is aerial yoga. If you are interested in aerial yoga, here you will get the information and the benefits, even the recommendation of aerial yoga equipment.

What Does Aerial Yoga Mean?

Aerial yoga is one of the yoga exercises that can help you to build muscles. This type of yoga combines other forms of exercise by opposing gravity. Doing aerial yoga requires you to have a rope or hammock that can suspend your body in the air and then do some poses while in the air.

6 Benefits of Aerial Yoga to Maintain Your Healthy

1. To Overcome Back Pain

The first benefit is overcoming back pain. Aerial yoga helps people who suffer from back pain. It is possible because of the support of aerial yoga equipment such as a hammock that can handle less pressure on your joints. Additionally, aerial yoga helps your spine not to strain, which is excellent for a back pain sufferer.

2. Improves Flexibility

As we know, in the practice of doing aerial yoga, you have to go against gravity. That is the main reason our body will improve flexibility and the stability to do daily activities. Also, hanging up in the air gives you more space than regular yoga. You can move freely and do lots of poses that you can’t perform on the floor.

3. Boosting the Brain Function

Another benefit of aerial yoga is for your brain. Inversion on aerial yoga will increase the blood flow to the brain and give more oxygen that makes the brain work faster and more effectively. Also, it can boost mental focus and improve memory. Aerial yoga strengthens your neural connections as well.

4. Stress Reliever

Aerial yoga can be a stress reliever as well. Same as the benefits of regular yoga, aerial yoga offers you stress relief as well. If you have a hard time or feel anxious about something, aerial yoga helps ease your mind and relax. It will allow you to meditate and focus on positive things only.

5. Helps to Burn Fats and Calories

Aerial yoga can burn calories by the balance you need to control your body while hanging up in the hammock. You need stability if you need to change to other positions when you are being suspended in the air. If you are doing aerial yoga for at least 50 minutes, the approximate number of calories you will burn are 320 calories.

6. Helps you To Cope with Insomnia

By being suspended in one of the aerial yoga equipment, a hammock, surprisingly, will help you overcome insomnia. Aerial yoga enables you to lessen muscle strain, which makes you get enough sleep and improves your sleep quality. It also releases endorphin and serotonin hormones that make you energetic at noon and calm at night.

6 Required Equipment to do Aerial Yoga for Beginners

1. Hammock

Want To Try Aerial Yoga? These Are the Required Aerial Yoga Equipment

The main aerial yoga equipment is a hammock specialized for aerial yoga. Commonly, this specialized hammock costs approximately $300. The aerial yoga hammock kit usually contains 4 carabiners, 2 daisy chains, a ceiling hook, and 2 choke loops. Also, it will contain instruction sheets or book for assembling the kit and maintaining it.

An aerial yoga hammock’s good material is silk with parachute grade. Often, aerial yoga hammocks are made of nylon as well. The size of the hammock may vary, depending on where you buy it. The length is about 13 feet to 30 feet, and the weight is about 10 to 15 feet.

2. Carabiners

Carabiners or connectors are often made of iron, aluminum, or steel as the key material. If you buy a complete kit of an aerial yoga hammock, this carabiner will be included with the set. The carabiner connects the aerial yoga hammock to your house’s ceiling. An aluminum carabiner can hold up to 5.000 pounds, while a steel one can hold up to 10.000 pounds.

3. Choke Loops

The other essentials of aerial yoga equipment are choke loops. Choke loops connect the hammock for aerial yoga with the carabiners. The material of choke loops for aerial yoga is usually made of heat-resistant fiber. The huge advantage of using this tool is the choke loops won’t slip on the silk and stay in place.

4. Daisy Chains

Another aerial yoga equipment you need to have if you want to start performing aerial yoga is daisy chains. Daisy chains are tools used to adjust the height of the hammock from the ground. Daisy chains have some loops depending on different sizes, which can you adjust easily.

This essential aerial yoga equipment is not used only when you want to install the hammock and do the exercise in your home, but you need this when you want to do aerial yoga outdoors. Daisy chains are often used to connect the hammock to the tree branches or open beams.

5. Ceiling Hook

The following aerial yoga equipment you need is a ceiling hook. The ceiling hook is used to connect all of the tools connected to your hammock to the ceiling. To attach the ceiling hook to the ceiling, drilling is used. But, ensure that the ceiling hook has a maximum load capacity of more than 1000 pounds or equal to 500kg.

6. Comfortable Outfits

The last aerial yoga equipment you need is the outfit. Wear comfortable clothing and make sure to not wear loose clothes. The best outfit to wear while doing aerial yoga is a long-sleeve top with leggings. This is ideal because it helps you with the pressure your body will get from the hammock. Also, leave your jewellery if you don’t want it stuck on the hammock.

Because of its benefits, lots of celebrities really love to do aerial yoga, such as Natasha Poly, Vanessa Hudgens, Natalie Portman, and even Khloe Kardashian. If you want to start your journey in yoga, especially aerial yoga, this article will be very helpful for you because you will get to know what is aerial yoga, the benefits, and even the required of aerial yoga equipment.


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