Yoga Equipment Set for Home You Should Have

Must-have Yoga Equipment Set for Home

Do you want to do Yoga practice at home and not know which things you must have to do Yoga? Whether you are a beginner or a pro of Yoga, Yogis have to be ready with the yoga equipment before practice. There are so many props with their types that you should know. Here are the lists of yoga equipment you must have at home.

7 Required Yoga Props at Home for Personal Exercise

1 Yoga Blocks

First thing first, what you must have for doing yoga practice at home is a set of yoga blocks. One of the Yoga Pros, Chrust said that she prefers to have the soft yoga foam block to the firmer cork. She likes the Gaiam blocks because they are simple and traditional. Besides, they come in varied designs and colors to match your house.

2. Yoga Bolster

The next piece of yoga equipment you should have for the second is Yoga Bolster which is a soft pillow that eases you to pose comfortably. Additionally, it also props you up in the right places when you do yoga practices. There are so many yoga bolsters from various brands. Make sure to check the features and the materials.

3. Yoga Strap

A yoga strap is another thing you have to be ready with to do yoga practice. It is because of the materials which are simple, strong, and soft cotton. Another thing you can find in these props is that they have various colors so that you can match them with your home decor or vibes. 

4. Yoga Mat

Must-have Yoga Equipment Set for Home

One of the most important yoga equipment to support your exercise is the yoga mat. Some recommended mats to do yoga are which has the right amount of soft and sticky material and with bright colors. These options are perfect to help you do lose and keep proper alignment.

5. Yoga Towel

While or after practicing yoga, you must get sweaty and you need a slightly sticky towel. The best option for yoga towels you can use is Lululemon. It is because not only helps you to wipe your sweat, but also comes in fashionable patterns. Unlike the other towels, this sticky towel stays on your mat, so that your towel does not go anywhere.

6. Sports Bra

For women, it is important to choose the right sports bra. You must choose a bra that is comfortable and stretchy. Besides, the supportive bra with pretty colors and prints is also the best. Make sure your bra has these characteristics and is made of nylon so that you will not get itchy while doing your downward dog.

7. Comfy Yoga Eye Pillow

Another supportive piece of equipment for yoga at home is an eye pillow which is placed over the eyes during yoga poses. It helps yogis to melt into deeper poses by muting any sensory distractions. This kind of pillow is often scented with lavender so that the user feels relaxed and the nice soothing.

Now, you already know what equipment you should prepare before doing yoga exercises. You may have yoga blocks, yoga bolsters, yoga straps, yoga mats, towels, sports bras, and eye pillows. These are the things that help you to do yoga poses at home comfortably and make you feel relaxed.


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