Things You Should Know About Aerial Yoga Equipment Installation

Things You Should Know About Aerial Yoga Equipment Installation

Aerial yoga is anti-gravity yoga that has already done by many people. This yoga also requires equipment to support the training activity. One of them is hammock. The installation of hammock requires a professional rigger or structural engineer depends on the ceiling type. Below are the things that you should know about the installation of hammock.

Three Things You Should Pay Attention To Before Installing Aerial Yoga Equipment

Weight Ratings of Hammock Installation

Generally, hammocks are rated can hold up to 200 kg or 440 lbs for the use. Particularly, the strength of the location where you hang the hammock may be weaker than the hammock itself. If you try to hang the hammock by yourself, you must be careful to hang the hammock your weight will be supported.

The forces from aerial yoga can be 2 until 4 times the body weight of clients in some poses. The rigging points may be able to hold up 1000lbs easily and rated to up 3,000 lbs for aerial yoga practice. These may vary and are estimates from one class style to another style. Before doing the practice, you should check with a professional rigger guidance on strength you need.

How to Rig Hammock from the Ceiling

The rigging hammock requirement depends on the ceiling structure and type. There are several factors to consider.  The factors are other weight to hold the beam, condition of the structure, beams, etc. Some ceiling requires reinforcement for the use of aerial yoga. So, you should check the rigger or engineer for your building to choose what the best option to hang the hammock.

For example, the hammock from Ceiling-X-Mounts may be the option for you to consider. This hammock is only for bungee fitness, such as aerial yoga and it is not good for circus style classes. If you use this particular hammock, you are recommended to connect the daisy chain to the mount using a carabiner.

Most cases, hammock always comes with a set of equipment, such as daisy chains. These chains can be used in specific situations over round structures or pole. However, a daisy chain must not be wrapped over a rectangular beam or a sharp edge, as the textile may tear if you rub it against something. Before using daisy chains, you should inspect them first.

Things You Should Know About Aerial Yoga Equipment Installation

For the better solution of rigging hammock over an exposed beam, round slings are the perfect option for you. This is because they are more durable friction and thicker. You can choose the round slings over I-Beams by padding it if it is necessary with burlap or rubber mat to reduce wear.

The Safety of Aerial Yoga Hammock

The most important thing about the installation of hammock is safety. To make the hammock safety to use, you should make sure the mount every time before using the hammock to ensure the security and hammock shows no signs of damage. Also, you should develop a regular inspection routine with the engineer to make sure the rigging points in good condition.

All in all, aerial yoga equipment installation must need a rigger or the professional engineer to install the hammock for the safety reason. There are several important things to consider in installing the hammock for aerial yoga, such as the ceiling type, structure, the use, and weight ratings.


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