Balance and Healthy Diet with Harvard Healthy Eating Plate Style

Balance and Healthy Diet with Harvard Healthy Eating Plate Style

Harvard healthy eating plate is a rule for creating a balanced and healthy meal for people. It is divided the part of each kind of food fairly, avoiding the high-consumption. Moreover, it also avoids the sugar contained in food and beverages because it causes growing calories. Finally, this kind of meal encourages you to consume balanced and healthy foods.

Steps to Have a Balanced and Healthy Diet

1. Make half your plate of fruit and vegetables

It aims to bring a variety of colors to your plate. Add various fruits that you can eat deliciously, such as mango, melon, watermelon, apple, and others. Do not forget to add vegetables that contain fiber to your plate, you can try spinach, carrot, broccoli, and many more. It is important to not add potatoes because it harms blood sugar.

Balance and Healthy Diet with Harvard Healthy Eating Plate Style

2. Fill protein in your quarter of the plate

The important thing is protein. You can make a quarter of your Harvard healthy eating plate with protein foods. It can be beans, nuts, fish, or poultry. These are the advantageous protein foods that bring energy to your body. If you want a variety of the menu, you can try to mix these into a salad and eat well with the fruits before. Please limit the protein from red and processed meat.

3. Fill grains in your quarter of the plate

Grains for your quarter plate can be filled with barley, wheat berries, wheat, oats, quinoa, brown rice, and others. Or you can add the foods made of them such as pasta or macaroni, it can bring a lower impact on the body’s insulin and blood sugar. Better than consuming white rice, bread, or other refined grains.

4. The moderate healthy vegetable oil

Consume healthy vegetable oil for your body. You can try to add canola, olive, corn, soy, peanut, sunflower, and other kinds of oil to your Harvard healthy eating plate. You can mix these oils into your meal to increase the flavor and texture better. Furthermore, avoid the oils containing trans fat because that is unhealthy. Be aware that not every low-fat food label is healthy for you.

5. Be an active person

To gain success in your balance and healthy diet, stay active with your body through the exercise regularly. It can control the weight of your. It is nothing if you are still lazy although you do an extreme diet because your body is not moving at all. Getting some exercise, and feeling the positive change.

6. Always drink healthy water

Water is very important for our body composition. You should implement a habit of drinking water in daily life. Even if they need water every day is a minimum of two liters, it is challenging but trustworthy for us. One of Harvard healthy eating plate is not drinking a lot of sugar such as sweet juice, soda, or soft drinks. Also, limit your consumption of milk and dairy products in one day.

Thanks to Harvard for finding this kind of balance meal guideline. We can use this to achieve a balanced and healthy diet, with still keeping the number of nutrition that our body consumes daily. Furthermore, after implementing this you will feel a positive change in your body because you indirectly consume healthy food in a good portion. Try it out now!


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