Yoga Equipment List You Might Have to Start Practicing Yoga

Yoga Equipment List You Might Have to Start Practicing Yoga

There are lots of forms of exercises you can do every day, and one of them is yoga. Yoga has various types, such as aerial yoga, hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, jnana yoga, kundalini yoga, and many more. If you are just interested in trying yoga, you must know what yoga equipment list you need to start practicing.

11 Yoga Equipment to Support Your Exercise

1. Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is the first thing you need to have to start doing yoga. A yoga mat is an essential tool whether you are practicing yoga in a yoga studio or at home. A yoga mat is vital to give you more grip than any other flooring. As we know, no one wants to get any injury while exercising. A yoga mat can prevent you from getting a risk of injury.

2. Yoga Mat Bag

The following thing you must have on the yoga equipment list is a yoga mat bag. You must carry your equipment most efficiently if you are doing yoga somewhere except at home. There is no regular bag that can accommodate the unique size and shape of a yoga mat. If you carry your yoga mat in a standard bag, you may squish it into the bag.

Squishing your yoga mat into a bag not designed for a yoga mat can cause your essential equipment damage. That is the main reason why you need to have a yoga mat. There are multiple varieties of yoga mat bags. Some can only fit a yoga mat, while others can carry more than a yoga mat. You can choose it according to what you need.

3. Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks are other things you might consider buying when you want to start doing yoga. When you can reach some poses, you might need to use yoga blocks because it helps you as an extension of your arms. This equipment allows you to bring your body closer to the floor, which is very important when you, as a beginner, don’t have much flexibility.

4. Yoga Straps

Another yoga equipment list is the yoga straps. A yoga strap is a tool that is used in yoga to help you develop your flexibility. If you are a person who did not have any flexibility training previously, this equipment is essential for you. Yoga straps enable you to reduce the risk of muscle straining, so it is perfect for a beginner.

Yoga straps can help you do certain poses with less tension but also increase your flexibility at the same time. If you need to develop your flexibility level and your balance as well, it is recommended to use the yoga strap in the upright position. Also, a strap for yoga is excellent for making tension in your muscles, so it will be easier to balance your body.

5. Yoga Wheel

Another yoga equipment list you might prepare when you want to start practicing yoga is the yoga wheel. Just like yoga blocks, a yoga wheel will help you to boost your flexibility level by giving you more support for your limbs. It has a hollow and circular shape, allowing your body to stretch further by rolling with it.

Using this equipment is considered easy. You only have to lie on the top of the yoga wheel and start pushing your body back and forth. It is also suitable for people who have trouble in sleep because it is great for relaxing the tension of the muscles. That is why this equipment will give you better sleep after doing yoga.

6. Yoga Chairs

The following yoga equipment you will need is yoga chairs. Yoga chairs help you to develop your flexibility without doing extreme poses. Without leaving your seat, you can simply practice yoga in these yoga chairs. It will help you to build and strengthen your muscles from consistent moves.

7. Yoga Knee Pads

This equipment is built for you if you don’t have a bigger room to accommodate your yoga mats. Yoga knee pads help you to rest your elbow and knees on them. You don’t have to worry about gaining any pain in your wrist, elbow, knees, hands, and hips when you have this because it protects you to directly touch the ground.

8. Yoga Bolster

A yoga bolster is similar to a regular body pillow, but it is firmer than that. Yoga bolster usually has a rectangular or circular shape. It helps you relax, softens your pose, and opens up your body. This yoga bolster is frequently used in restorative yoga to help you release stress from your body.

9. Water Bottle

The following essential yoga equipment list is a water bottle. As we know, exercising will make our body release lots of sweat because we burn a high number of energy and calories. The more you lose sweat, the more water you need to consume to replace those sweat. It is crucial to keep you stay hydrated while doing yoga.

10. Yoga Clothes

Yoga Equipment List You Might Have to Start Practicing Yoga

Yoga requires you to do various poses, including stretching and twisting your body. If you wear the wrong clothes, you will find it hard to do certain yoga poses. To practice yoga comfortably, wear clothes designed specifically for yoga. You can wear high-waisted pants or legging that is stretchy. Don’t forget to wear the right size for you, not too tight or not too loose.

11. Yoga Towel

Another yoga equipment list you need to have is a yoga towel. It is very important for you who are doing hot yoga or for a person who gets easily sweaty while practicing yoga. If you keep your hands wet because of sweat, you can get a risk of injury by slipping. Try to choose a thick yoga towel that has good absorption to make you stay dry during yoga.

There is still much more yoga equipment list you can get before practicing yoga. But, above are the most essential and basic yoga equipment. If you already have, try to do yoga by joining a yoga class, or you can also do it yourself at home by following the guide from online courses or free from YouTube or any other sources.


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