Yoga Equipment Set for Beginners You Should Have

Must-Have Yoga Equipment Set for Beginners

Yoga is an activity that is beneficial for someone’s mental and physical health. By doing yoga regularly, you can improve your body strength and your flexibility. You can get better sleep and decrease your stress levels as well by doing yoga. If you’re a person who is interested to start your journey in yoga, you might want some recommendations for a yoga equipment set.

5 Benefits Of Doing Yoga Regularly

1. Improve Your Balance

Better balance in your body can reduce the risk of injury when doing exercises or other athletic performances. It can happen because by having better balance, your body will automatically activate the right muscles to help maintain your stability while doing other exercises.

2. Better Breathing

Another benefit you will get if you do yoga regularly is you can breathe better than before. Yoga combines both movement and breathing exercises. Having better breathing can help you lower your stress level. Not only that but also a great breath will lead you to do other forms of exercise better.

3. Improve the Quality of Sleep

As mentioned before, yoga can give you better breathing. Better breathing can help you to improve your quality of sleep at night. But, if you want to do yoga at night before going to sleep, avoid doing more vigorous forms of yoga. Strong forms of yoga will make you stay awake instead of having a good sleep.

4. Enhance your Mood

Before we’re going to the recommendation of yoga equipment set for beginners, here is the other benefit of doing yoga regularly. Yoga will be able to boost your mood, because it’s a combination of gentle movement and focused on your breathing so you may have some mental health benefits such as increased mood.

5. Helps You to Focus Better

Doing a yoga pose need a combination of both concentration and endurance. While doing yoga, you have to focus on moving your body into a pose and keeping your stamina. This combination not only helps you improve your performance in yoga but also helps you to sharpen your focus on daily activities.

7 Yoga Equipment You Must Have Before You Start Yoga

1. Yoga Mat

First thing first, the essential yoga equipment set is a yoga mat. Lots of yoga instructors ask for bringing your yoga mat when having a yoga session. If you didn’t do yoga with a yoga instructor, still a yoga mat is needed to practice yoga at home. A yoga mat can provide better traction so you won’t be slipping while doing the pose yoga.

If you want to look for the best yoga mat for you, there are some considerations you need to pay attention to. First, consider the thickness. The standard thickness of yoga mats is about 3.3mm. A thin yoga mat helps you to provide more stability for your postures. Meanwhile, a thicker yoga mat avoids you to get in contact with the ground better.

Besides thickness, the other consideration you need to know is the material. The material of the yoga mat is very important because it will determine the feels, the durability, and even the traction you experienced while doing yoga with that mat. Common materials used for yoga mats are PVC or rubber.   

2. Yoga Clothing

The second recommendation of a yoga equipment set you might want to buy is yoga clothing. Just like the other types of exercise, yoga also has its clothing. Choose the most comfortable clothing that can support your body while doing yoga. You can wear pants or shorts that stretch with you while practicing yoga.

Also, you need a light-support or medium-support bra and form-fitting tops to avoid losing your shirt during the reversal. If you’re a long-haired person, you might also want to wear a headband or hair tie to keep your hair out of your face. Yoga socks and gloves are also needed when you want to do yoga but forget to bring the yoga mat.

3. Yoga Towel

Doing yoga sometimes cause you to sweat. That’s why you need to have a yoga towel. A yoga towel will help you to absorb your sweat, so you won’t be slipped and get any injury while doing yoga. Make sure to buy a towel that is designed especially for yoga, not the regular bath towel. Lots of yoga towels are made with microfiber to improve traction and prevent brunching.

4. Yoga Bag

This recommendation of yoga equipment set is better to apply for you who didn’t do the yoga at home. If you want to practice yoga outside, you might need to buy a yoga bag. The yoga bag will provide extra pockets. With a yoga bag, you can store your other tools and equipment for yoga. You can store your phone and other necessities as well.

5. Yoga Strap

Must-Have Yoga Equipment Set for Beginners

Another thing you might want to prepare before starting yoga is a yoga strap. A yoga strap can help you to correct alignment in your body. Yoga straps also can improve your flexibility while doing yoga. Not only that but also a yoga strap helps you to improve your progress while doing a difficult pose that needed more flexibility.

6. Yoga Block

Just like a yoga strap, a yoga block is great equipment for people who don’t have a good level of flexibility. Yoga block helps you to make difficult poses because it can deepen your posture and improve your flexibility levels. You can choose a yoga block that has wide at least four inches.

7. Yoga Blanket and Bolster

For the next yoga equipment set, you need a yoga blanket. By using a yoga blanket, you can get extra support and cushioning while doing seated or lying down poses. Meanwhile, yoga bolster provides more advanced support on yoga, so you might consider buying a yoga bolster to get a better experience in yoga.

Because of the benefits that can get by doing yoga, a lot of people started their interest in doing yoga regularly. If you are one of those people, you can start doing yoga by preparing the yoga equipment set that had been mentioned before. Having good yoga equipment will help you to enhance your performance in yoga and avoid any injuries that can happen.


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