Summer Skin Care Tips, For Healthy And Beauty, Looks Under The Harsh Sun

Summer Skin Care Tips, For Healthy And Beauty, Looks Under The Harsh Sun

One of the natural enemies of skin health is sun rays and temperature. If cold can freeze your skin, summer can burn your skin to a crisp. Summer is not only about the hot weather, but also the more intense sun ray. Thus, increasing the chance of skin burn, tanning, and problem. It is best to protect your skin from those summer heat. Here are what you can do as basic summer skin care tips.

Your 5 Essential Basic Skin Protection During Summer Heat

1. Get Higher SPF

Let’s face it! Summer will have longer days and hotter temperatures, yet spending more time in the sun is inevitable. But again, that is the nature of summer. It is also the time when people love to visit the beach and enjoy some refreshing wind and waves. But that is the reason to make you need higher SPF UV protection.

If you can get one, pick something with SPF 50. You can get the common sun cream or get the powder one for more reusable and durable UV protection. Another intake is to use enough sunscreen for proper protection, including your face and exposed body. If you can effort, try something like UPF clothing of 50 to your sunscreen or supplement. 

2. Always Use Non-Comedogenic Products

Summer is the season of breakout. Thus, your summer skin care tips should be always wearing a non-comedogenic product. You can pick anything from powder, and foundation, to make up with extra caution. The objective is to prevent sweat and oil build-up. But it does not mean you don’t need to clean up. Get yourself salicylic acid, sulfur, or niacinamide for good clear pores.

3. Consider Your Retinoid Usage

Retinoid is probably one of the ingredients you should consider using or wearing during summer. It does not mean you need to avoid it but put in mind that retinoids can increase the chance of irritation and break out. You might have to add extra sun protection. But if you have sensitive skin use the retinoid in moderation as your best summer skin care tip.

4. Pick a Lighter Moisturizer

Summer Skin Care Tips, For Healthy And Beauty, Looks Under The Harsh Sun

Moisturizers help your skin to get hydration, but in summer you might need to adjust the use of moisturizer. Maintain your hydration using a lighter product with a hyaluronic acid base. It gives your skin good refreshment but does not make your skin wet, sticky, or heavy. For the best product to use, try face mist. It is good to prevent you has greasy skin.  

5. Keep The Proper Facial Cleansing 

At the end of the day, you still need to keep the proper facial cleansing or washing. Summer makes you sweat, even more, thus making your face greasy and shiny. In this condition, get yourself some good cleaners such as foam and gel for your hand. For the best summer skincare tips, get the cleansing to your face up thoroughly and to your hairline as well.

During summer, you are not only exposed to the more intense sun rays but also heat. You need something that helps cool your skin, and protect it from the scorching hot weather, yet does not restrict your face from breathing. That is why you should add a lighter moisturizer and always do good facial cleansing. It will help remove the extra oil, clean up your skin, and prevent problems.


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