Easy Guides And Tips For Curly Hair Care For Men

Easy Guides and Tips for Curly Hair Care For Men

Human hair has different types, such as straight, wavy, or curly. Every hair type has different pros and cons. Also, each type has different hair care. Women and men must know how to treat their hair according to their hair type so the hairs keep healthy. If you are a curly-headed man, these are easy guides for curly hair care for men.

Is Curly Hair Easy to Maintain? Follow These 5 Simple Tips

1. Use the Right Shampoo

The first important guide you may follow is to pick and choose the right shampoo for your curly hair. Regular shampoo sometimes doesn’t work well for curly hair. Because curly hair has a dry texture and is easier to dehydrate, it needs special shampoo. The best shampoo for curly hair is the shampoo that is not containing any chemicals.

While washing the hair, normally, the shampoo will exceed the natural moisture of the scalp, making your hair and scalp dry. Therefore, you can choose a shampoo that has a claim paraben free. Some ingredients for curly hair include aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, argan, dan coconut oil.

2. Don’t Brush the Hair

The second curly hair care for men is not to brush your hair. Instead, comb your curly hair while your hair is still wet. It is because brushing your curly hair will damage your natural and bouncy shape and turn your curly hair into a big ball or frizz, making your hair look unhealthy.

3. Condition Your Hair Regularly

Easy Guides and Tips for Curly Hair Care For Men

Conditioning is vital thing to taking care of your curly hair. Conditioning is important because curly hair is better than shampooing just twice a week. Instead, you can skip shampooing and start conditioning your curly hair every day to help moisturize the hair and keep it hydrated.

4. Drying with Microfibre Towel

The next step in curly hair care for men is to dry your hair after showering with a microfiber towel, not a regular towel. The regular towel has a rougher texture, while the microfiber is smoother. A smoother texture towel is better because it will not damage your curly hair and make your hair drier than before.

5. Start Using Blow Dryer

Curly hair usually is denser and more voluminous than straight hair. It means curly hair has more time to dry naturally after shampooing. Leaving your scalp wet too long will make the roots of your curly hair brittle and break. Worse, you can also get a headache or cold if your scalp does not dry properly.

That is why a blow dryer is highly needed for people who have curly hair. A blow dryer helps you dry your hair more quickly than using a towel. Make sure you have a blow dryer with many options for the air because heat can make your curly hair damaged easily and make your hair looks frizzy.

Having curly hair means you need to take care extra than straight one. Naturally, curly hair has a drier texture than other hair types. If you don’t know how to take care of it, follow the curly hair care for men mentioned above. It is simple and easy to follow, but helpful for men who have curly hair but are clueless about taking care of it.


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