Winter Skin Care Tips To Stay Fresh No Withered Look!

You can consider the following winter skin care tips for fresh healthy skin. Winter is the time for the holiday.

Winter is the time for the holiday. But sure, it is not the best season for skin and health conditions. The dry and cold temperatures make your skin lose its plump and nourished look. At worst your skin can get burned from being frozen in cold. Yes, it can happen. But it does not have to happen. You can consider the following winter skin care tips for fresh healthy skin.

Five Skin Care Tips in Winter to Prevent Dry Skin   

1. No Hot Shower                                

A hot shower during the cold winter sounds like a good deal of heaven. But for your skin, it is a bad decision. It is always tempting to crank up the heat with the fireplace or water, but try to keep it humble. Get yourself a lukewarm shower, not hot. It helps preserve moisture in your skin. But hot water will only strip down oil from the skin, drying it up and cracking it. 

2. Keep Your Humidifier On

If hot water is a big no! then it is always good to keep the humidifier on. The worst possible cold that can affect your skin is stripping your skin of moisture. That is why a good humidifier to keep the humidity at an ideal level should be good for winter skin care tips. The ideal humidity level is around 40-60%. It is a good way to get pure and hydrated air to your lung too. 

3. Moisture Your Skin and Lips

As said before that the key to winter skincare is humidity and moisturization. You need to keep your skin damp to avoid the frozen burning sensation. With that, you can use moisturizers in the form of oil or lotion after the shower. Try to apply the moisturizers as your skin is still damp or not yet totally dried.

As much as you take care of your skin and face, don’t forget about your lips. Cold can make your skin and lips extremely dry. As both the skin and lips get thinner, they will prone to peeling and bleeding. To make it worst, lips do not have oil glands in them. So, keeping it moisturized is the best among winter skin care tips.

4. Drink A Lot of Water

Believe it or not, hydration is not only from the outside. Your skin also needs a water intake from the inside of your body. Many people point out that cold makes them forget to drink. However, it is always good to replenish your hydration from time to time. Moreover, a good glass of warm water will also help you relax. It is warm for your body as well.

5. Put in Mind Your Skincare Ingredient

You can consider the following winter skin care tips for fresh healthy skin. Winter is the time for the holiday.

Don’t think that Just because you got less sun, you won’t clean your face. In the case of winter, keep all of the common cleansing, moisturizing, sunscreen, serum, etc. But for the extra sake of winter skin care tips, consider good ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, ceramides, shea, or hydrating oils for an extra moisturizer effect. 

The idea of taking care of your skin in winter is pretty much essential for your health. It is similar to how fierce and needed the summer treatment is. But, winter skincare should focus on moisturizer.


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