5 Best Home Fitness Equipment You Should Have

5 Best Home Fitness Equipment You Should Have

It is normal to want the physical and mental benefits of exercising, but sometimes do not want to pay for a gym membership. From the convenience of your living room, the greatest home fitness equipment will help you keep fit and healthy. What is the best part? It does not have to be extremely costly.

Reasons Why You Should Have These Fitness Equipments at Home

1. Yoga mat

A yoga mat is one of the most practical and easy-to-store exercise equipment because it can be rolled up. In addition, a yoga mat not only serves to maintain balance during yoga movements alone. You can also use it when doing movements such as push-ups or planks on the floor to reduce the risk of injury during exercise or body slipping on the floor.

2. Kettlebell

A kettlebell is a weight training device that is shaped like a ball with a handle at the top. To use this equipment, you can lift it like lifting weights or swinging it. This tool can strengthen the upper body’s muscles, including the core muscles of the body like dumbbells. You can also use this home fitness equipment for push-ups or plank to maximize these movements.

3. Resistance Bands

This exercise tool is in the form of a rope and is made of elastic rubber. This tool is useful for training muscle strength and endurance. However, resistance bands have various shapes. Some are shaped like a rope, some have handles at both ends, and some are circular. The higher the elasticity level, the more difficult the resistance band will be to pull.

4. Barbell

Barbells or dumbbells are fitness equipment that can maximize exercise because it serves to train strength. You can practice using dumbbells regularly to build shoulder and arm muscles. In addition, doing various sports movements such as sit-ups and squats can also be done while holding dumbbells.

5 Best Home Fitness Equipment You Should Have

For weight, Home Fitness Equipment are available in various weights, ranging from one kilogram (light) to heavy weights that can reach 10 kilograms. Therefore, make sure to buy a barbell that suits your needs. As a beginner, maybe you can use a barbell weighing only three kilograms. Then you can add weight over time when you get used to it.

5. Pull Up Bar

Pull up bar is a fitness tool that is mainly used for practicing pull-ups, especially at home. Usually, the pull-up bar is installed between the door leaves. This equipment does not take up much space and is the equipment that men like. Pull-up is a form of exercise that builds body muscles without using weights but using our own body weight as a burden.

This home fitness equipment can be done anywhere, and the important thing is that there is a tool, namely a pull-up bar, to hang our bodies. The muscles that are trained when we do pull-ups include: the back muscles, chest muscles, shoulder muscles, triceps, biceps, and slightly train the abdominal muscles

That’s some information about fitness equipment for home you can have. For those of you who are beginners in this field, and want to live a healthy life in your home, it is okay to star with the basic. Based on this article hopefully the list above can help you to decide which item you want to buy and have


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