10 Home Fitness Equipment for Flexible Fitness in Your Home Gym

10 Home Fitness Equipment for Flexible Fitness in Your Home Gym

For busy employees and students, going to the gym can be a lot of work because of the tight schedule. That is why having a home gym is beneficial. You can do your fitness with your equipment whenever you can even if the only time you get is early in the morning or a little bit late at night. If you want to start here are 10 home fitness equipment recommendations for you.

10 Gym Equipment For Your Home Gym

1. Anti-Slip Yoga Mat

Yoga is one of the simplest fitness activities to do at home. There are a lot of free demonstrations on YouTube or free yoga apps you can find. However, you will need a good yoga mat so you will not hurt yourself when doing your routine. Yoga mats will protect your skin from rubbing against the floor. Choose yoga mats that have an anti-slip feature so it is easier for you to demonstrate your routine.

2. Resistance Bands

Using resistance bands in your home fitness is the right decision because resistance bands don’t take much space in a room. It is also very compact and you can bring it anywhere in case you are on a trip and still want to do your workout routine. You can use items at home such as a bungee cord as DIY home fitness equipment. You can also consider buying resistance bands that are durable and thick.

3. Doorway Pull-Up Bar

Pull-ups train muscles in your shoulders, back, arms, and chest. You can also isolate muscle groups by changing your hand position easily on the bar. Therefore, purchasing a doorway pull-up bar is a good choice. Take advantage of the doors at home by installing a doorway pull-up bar when you start your routine. You can also add resistance bands for a pull-up assist.

4. Foam Roller

Many at-home workouts seem to be lower-body dominant so it is important to pay particular attention to the lower-body muscle groups during recovery. For that, a foam roller is an essential component at any home gym. This equipment will help to soothe sore muscles and keep your body loose and limber at the same time. Give special attention to your calves, hamstrings, and quads.

5. Dumbbell Set

Dumbbells are one of the easiest home fitness equipment to find. Starting from sports equipment stores to department stores with a sports equipment section. You can also find this one equipment easily online. Dumbbells are also a great option for muscle building and also this equipment does not take too much space for you to store at your home. Choose dumbells set for more options for your program.

6. Skipping Rope

In addition to dumbbells, skipping ropes are also one the fitness equipment that is easy to find. This tool is one of the essential pieces of equipment for your home gym yet is pretty cheap to purchase. Choose skip rope made of steel wire rope and the rope is coated in PVC for smooth rotation. It is also recommended to choose a skipping rope that uses a foam-coated handle for extra grip comfort.

7. Versatile Exercise Ball

One of the advantages of the exercise ball is its versatility. This home fitness equipment can be used in many programs such as core, upper body, lower body, or even cardio programs. Choose an exercise that provides an air pump in the package. So you can flate the ball when you are not using it so you can store it easily. With the air pump, you can just inflate it back when you are going to use it.

8. Weight Vest

Weight Vest can also be a beneficial option for your home gym. This is because weight vests are quite versatile and used in various routines. You can use it for additional load on routines such as pushups, squats, and lunges. Adding weights will add challenge to your workouts, useful for resistance training. However, make sure to ask a professional before using this vest in one of your routines.

9. Platform for your workout base

As your base when doing routines, you can use yoga mats or platforms. The difference is that yoga mats will only protect your skin from coming into direct contact with the floor. While the platform is needed when doing cardio, plyo workouts, or dumbbell chest presses. Platform is home fitness equipment that allows you to crank up the intensity of your session.

10. Mirror to observe posture

It may sound trivial, but you will need a mirror as part of your home gym. By using mirrors you can observe the posture of your routine so that you can easily correct if there are posture errors. Proper posture when doing routines is important to avoid injury. Choose a mirror that suits your height and width so you don’t have trouble observing your posture.

Tips Before Choosing the Best Home Gym Equipment

10 Home Fitness Equipment for Flexible Fitness in Your Home Gym

There are several things you have to pay attention to before choosing fitness equipment. Pay attention to versatility, materials, and size. You will need to consider the versatility of the product. Good materials also need to be considered because they affect the durability of a product. While the size needs to be considered so that you can easily store your equipment at your home.

Pay attention to the purpose and priorities of your program. You also have to consider the price, warranty and customer reviews before purchasing any equipment. Considering the purchasing of home fitness equipment should not be arbitrary and must be from careful consideration. Paying attention to these details will give you a worthwhile purchase and good quality products.

Having a home gym in your home is very beneficial, especially for people who have a lot of busyness and don’t have much time to go to the gym. You can choose items that are not too big or compact enough to store at home. Portable types of equipment are also a good choice. Don’t forget to pay attention to the versatility and purpose of your program for a worthy purchase.


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