7 Simple Indoor Cardio Exercises No Equipment

7 Simple Indoor Cardio Exercises No Equipment

There are cardio exercises that do not require any equipment. They can be done at home by working with the body weight. These following exercises can be done almost anywhere and you can choose them based on your fitness level. You may also move on to another movement as your fitness improves.

Seven Simple Cardio Exercises without Equipment for Busy People

1. March in Place

This easy cardio workout can get your heart rate up. Marching in place is a suitable exercise and a perfect choice for doing warm-up or single cardio exercise. To increase the intensity workout, you may increase the speed by marching or raising the knees higher. You can do marching in place at home.

2. Single Leg Stand

A single-leg stand allows you to work your abdominal muscles. You may do this step after marching in place. To perform this training, you can start by putting your feet together no more than 3 inches apart. Then, bend your knees slightly and lift a leg for between 3 and 6 off the floor. Hold this position for about 10 seconds and return your feet to the floor.

3. Jogging in Place

Jogging in place activity is a simple exercise to elevate the heart rate effectively. This exercise is suitable for beginners to do warm-up activities. To perform, you may bounce lightly from one foot to another. Then, swing your arms from side to side at the same time. For a more intense workout, you can jog faster.

4. Air Jump Rope

Air jump rope allows you to swing on an imaginary jump rope. This workout provides an alternative to jogging in a place. This is suitable to be a part of a warm-up routine. You can do it by standing with your feet. Then, jump up and jump down while swinging your arms in a circular direction.

5. Dancing

7 Simple Indoor Cardio Exercises No Equipment

Not only fun, but dancing also brings many benefits to the dancer and it can be your cardio exercise at home. You can make free space into a dance floor at home. These dancing activities with upbeat music effectively burn calories. You must be happy while dancing and it helps you to boost your serotonin.

6. Arm Circles

Another indoor cardio exercise no equipment is by doing arm circles. You perform it by sitting or standing and making them ideal for all levels of skill. First, rotate the arms by doing a circular motion, either clockwise or counterclockwise. You may extend your arms if you have limited mobility. After that, put your arms to their sides and draw small circles.

7. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks activity is a suitable cardio exercise for beginners and it can be performed at home. You may put your feet apart and arms down. Then, raise your arms out to the sides and straight into the air when you jump out. Finally, jump back into the beginning position and lay on your feet, and bring your arms back.

To conclude, there are cardio exercises that can be done at home without equipment. From marching in place until jumping jacks above, they can get the heart rate up. Plus, these activities burn calories effectively. Those exercises are easy to do and you can adjust to your current fitness level.


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