Low Impact Cardio Exercises for Seniors Must-Try

Must-try Low Impact Cardio Exercises for Seniors

You must have been wondering what the best exercise for those over their 50s is. The benefits of moving more for older people are important to keep the body healthy. There are so many workouts, but not all of them are suitable for everyone. Before that, you should to your doctor to ensure your suitability. Here is the list of the best workouts for seniors. 

7 Simple Gentle Cardio for Seniors for Low Impact Exercises

1. Joe Wicks Workout for Seniors

One of the low impact cardio exercises for seniors is Joe Wick’s exercise. These gentle cardio training include knee raises and toe taps for 40 seconds at the same time and followed by a 15-second for the rest. This practice is useful to get the heart rate up and move the joints. You may visit the video content on YouTube.

2. Joe Wicks’ 10-minute Chair Training for Seniors

Another video from Joe Wicks that the seniors can do is Joe Wicks’ 10-minute chair workout or training for seniors. This video from YouTube lasts for 10 minutes. It acquires a chair and a can of beverages. These simple exercises are done by doing arm exercises and rotations. This activity will make you healthier.

3. Kayla 14-minute Low-impact Workout

The video from Kayla is available on Women’s Health UK. Kayla is the Aussie home trainer known for her gentle workout for seniors. This workout is a core-focused training that acquires abdominal exercises like dead bugs, mountain climbers, and Russian twists. The necessary equipment for this exercise is a yoga mat.

4. 15-minute Workout for Seniors

Another simple training content you may try is a 15-minute workout for seniors from YouTube. Before you try, you should prepare the equipment which is filled with water bottles and dumbells. This activity helps you to ease your daily activities by training the muscles and getting your heart rate up.

5. 15-minute Low-impact Workout for over 50s

Must-try Low Impact Cardio Exercises for Seniors

Another low-impact cardio exercise for seniors is a 15-minute low-impact cardio workout for over 50s on YouTube. This workout needs a chair as an optional to be your training equipment. The benefit of this activity is to get the heart rate up. Another benefit is also to make the full bodywork.

6. 17-minute Home Workout or Practice for Seniors

This training content is also available on YouTube so that you can do the exercise anywhere and anytime. You may also find the same video in another format. This exercise acquires you to hold onto a stable surface such as a chair. This workout aids you to work on strength, balance, and mobility.

7. 20-minute Seated Chair Workout for Elderly People

Another content you may also find on YouTube is a 20-minute seated chair workout for seniors and elderly people. Before you do the practice, you are required to have a chair as the equipment. This 30-minute workout can be performed by sitting or standing to make the whole body work. All in all, low impact cardio exercises for seniors above can be done online. These workouts help you to get your heart rate up and make your body work. However, before doing them, you should consult your doctor. The doctor will tell you which one is the suitable workout for you to do.


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