Only 10 Minutes! 5 Ideas for Low-Impact Cardio Exercises at Home

Only 10 Minutes! 5 Ideas for Low-Impact Cardio Exercises at Home

If you only have a short period, and lack equipment, and space, a low-impact cardio is a right answer for you. Besides, this exercise only needs 10 minutes long which can get your heart rate up without doing any jump moves. Moreover, this is an effective way to burn calories and also stay fit. Here is what you need to know about this simple workout.

The Purpose of Low-Impact Cardio

Before you do the exercise at home, make sure first of all your condition by seeing the doctor. It is to prevent any harmful cases. Other information you need to know is that this kind of workout does not need any equipment. For this purpose, this practice is to modify any exercise that causes pain by performing the workout for a short period.

5 Steps to do Low-Impact Exercises at Home

1. Step Touches

The first thing you can do is by doing step touches. You may start by warming up only for a minute by stepping out to the side with your left foot. Then, put your arms up and step in next to the left with your right foot. After that, repeat this move to the right by moving quickly and also swinging your arms. This is useful to get your heart rate up.

2. Side Lunges

Side lunges can be done by standing in a wide stance with your arms spread out first. Then, bend the waist, and abs in, and put your left arm towards the right foot. After that, stand up and repeat this move to the left by going as fast as you can. You may also bend the knees if you feel pain in your back and repeat side lunges for one minute.

3. Knee Smash

Only 10 Minutes! 5 Ideas for Low-Impact Cardio Exercises at Home

The next step you can do is by doing a knee smash. This exercise requires you to extend your arms first and put the left knee up across the body while your arms are down. Then, return to the start and repeat as fast as you can for one minute. This knee smash exercise is effective to burn calories.

4. Front Kicks along with Runner’s Lunge

Front kicks with runner’s lunge are one of the simple low-impact cardio exercises at home. You can start by bringing the right knee up and spreading the leg in a snapping kick. Then, take the right leg back into the straight leg lunge while touching the floor. You may repeat the kick and lunge for one minute.

5. Bear Crawl Push-Ups

The next move you have to perform is by doing the bear crawl push-ups. In this practice, you can start with doing squats and walk with your hands out until you are in a plank position. Then, do push-ups on the toes and knees. Next, walk the hands back while doing a squat then stand up. You also may add a jump to get more intensity.

In conclusion, burning calories and getting the heart rate up is not an easy job to do. There are some steps you can do. If you only have a short time, you can do 10 minutes of low-impact cardio exercises at home. However, before doing it, you should see the doctor consult about the workout you are going to do.


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