Does Meditation Positions Matter? Read This Meditation Guide For Beginners

Does Meditation Positions Matter? Read This Meditation Guide For Beginners

Meditation is not always related to how to be a different or better person. Meditation can also help maintain health, improve focus, and even reduce stress. If you are interested in starting your journey on meditation, here are some tips on meditation positions you can follow as a beginner.

Improving Focus and Reducing Stress by Doing These Meditation Positions

If you think the position of doing meditation is not important, you may need to change your thinking. Arranging your body position is the first step to doing meditation properly. Even certain meditation poses will give you different effects on your body. It is because, according to years of experience, there is a relationship between the body structure with someone’s mental health.

Also, meditation is accessible for everyone, whether your health and flexibility will differ from each other. Meditation can be done by several meditation positions, such as sitting, standing, walking, and lying down. Those positions of meditation have equal benefits for your physical health and mental health as well.

7 Best Positions of Meditation for Beginners You Should Try

1. Burmese Position

The Burmese position is the first meditation posture you can try as a beginner. Burmese position aims to make your body more flexible, especially the lower part. If you want to do this pose, you can sit on your cushion and try to lean forward and back, left and right, and wiggle on your position until you feel securely centered on your sitting bones.

2. Classic Sitting Meditation

The second meditation posture you might try is classic sitting. In this position, you will focus more on creating an upright posture. This pose is perfect for those who are likely to straighten the spine. Spine straight is good for health, especially for breathing more accessible.

Here, you can do it with some equipment to support your meditation in a classic sitting pose. You can prepare zafu and zabuton, one of each. Zafu is a traditional cushion for meditating. There are several types of zafu according to the stuffed. Some zafu is stuffed with cotton, and others are loaded with buckwheat.

Then, zabuton is nearly the same as zafu, but it has a larger size, meaning it is a larger cushion. It is good equipment if you don’t want to sit on the hard ground. Just place the zabuton under your zafu. It will make your meditation feels more comfortable and enjoyable. If you don’t have this equipment, you can also do meditation with cushions from a couch or bed.

Does Meditation Positions Matter? Read This Meditation Guide For Beginners

Then, you can start exploring which meditation positions are best for you while sitting on the cushion. The primary purpose of exploring meditation poses is to find the perfect poses while you feel comfortable. If you want your kneed placed higher than your hips, you can get some equipment to hold your posture.

3. Meditating in Chair

Another perfect meditation posture for beginners is meditating in a chair. It is the perfect pose for those with bad and chronic back and knee pain. Just like the name, the equipment you need the most to meditate with this posture is a chair. Then, if you have already prepared the chair, you can begin sitting normally.

After that, keep your legs bent straight without straining both knees. Do not forget that your feet must touch the ground in this position. Then, place both your hands in your lap and straighten your spine and try to make your body relaxed. Meditating in this position won’t stiffen your body, and you can even meditate more flexibly.

4. Using a Meditation Bench

Another pose that is good for beginners is a sitting bench. What does that mean? Sitting on a bench means that you will do the meditation on the sitting bench. It is a perfect place for those who seek comfort during seated meditation. To do this posture is relatively easy, and everyone can follow this easy posture.

You can begin sitting on the bench to do this posture as the easy meditation positions. Make sure your calves or ankles are placed under the sitting bench. Then, you can also use the pillow and put it under your bottom to support your body posture while meditating. But no single piece of equipment is fine whenever you feel comfortable sitting on the bench.

Sitting on the bench is considered the perfect meditation position for beginners because it is easy but has many benefits. The bench will give you support on your body and helps your body to straighten the spine, which is very good for making it easier to breathe. You can try this position for a couple minutes and see if this position makes you feel better or not.

5. Standing Meditation

If sitting bench and meditation in a chair are the meditation positions that are not good for you, you may try this pose of meditation. Standing meditation is an excellent choice of the pose if sitting meditation causes you pain or even makes you fall asleep while doing the meditation. If you are interested in doing this position, make sure to always lock your knees while standing.

6. Lying Down Meditation

Another meditation posture for beginners is lying down meditation. To do this meditation posture, you must lie down on your back with your side and palms up. Make sure you keep your body still awake and aware. But, this meditation positions is not suitable for people who easily fall asleep.

7. Seiza Pose

The last recommendation of meditation pose you might try is the seiza pose. Seiza is customary in Japanese, which means proper siting in English. You must prepare a meditation bench and cushion to kneel down in this pose. You can also do this without equipment. Just rest your legs on themselves.

This seiza pose will take the pressure off your lower body joints. It allows your body to straighten your back. But, if you are a beginner, then it will strongly be recommended to prepare the equipment, such as the meditation bench, as mentioned before, and the cushion under the knees.

That’s all! Meditation is considered an easy activity with many benefits, either for physical or mental health. If you are a beginner in meditation, you may try the meditation positions above. Good luck!


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