Best Highlighter For Fair Skin That Won’t Make You Looks Like A Vampire!

7 Best Highlighter For Fair Skin That Won't Make You Looks Like A Vampire! Check It Out!

Wearing Highlighter makeup can give you a wholesome glow-up, quite literally. All goes with the fact that the small light is strong enough to draw attention. But people with fair skin can have it harder as the wrong highlighter will make their face washed out and pale, like a vampire. If that is what you are looking for, you have to check the following best highlighter for fair skin recommendations.

5 What to Consider Before You Buy Highlighter for Fair Skin?

1. Undertone  

You may have a fair skin. But, the undertone for every person is different. And that undertone will eventually affect your complexion and looks with the highlighter. So, check your undertones. But there is a take that most people with fair skin have icy or cool undertones. That is why, icy pink, pearl, or champagne are some of the best colors to pick.

2. Skin Type

Along with the undertone, your skin type may affect your makeup product! You don’t want your skin to look like a full flakey and cakey surface. So, be sure you pick a makeup that fits your skin condition. This consideration may also affect the texture. But most of the time just the shape. Such as the powder or gel highlighter for oily skin. Or cream and liquid for dry skin.

3. Blendability and Texture

One of the best highlighter for fair skin should be easy to blend. So, check out the texture and its formula. Think about your skin as a pale white canvas. A good blendability and smooth texture will help make seamless lines that give clear gradual color changes. It will also help your glow be more visible without looking too much!

4. Use Lighter Shade

Going back to the color considerations, your best option should be anything that enhances your undertone and skin tone. With fair skin, you have rather pale skin almost like a vampire. They are bound to have less pigmentation, which is why going dark will not work. Try a shade or two lighter than your skin as it helps create a better complexion or noticeable glow.

5. Glitter Sizes

Not all highlighter has glitter, but it can be a good additional look for your fair complexion. But again, it can be one of the best highlighters for fair skin. Pick something that has finely milled glitter particles. It will give a smoother look and blend to your skin. It also looks more natural with a sophisticated glow compared to the chunky ones.

7 Recommendations Highlighter Brands for Fair Skin. Check These Out!

1. Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Glow (Champagne or Moonlit Glow)

Charlotte Tilbury has many options that come along with any skin tone and color. But for fair skin, the lighter shades like soft gold, warm champagnes, and pastel pinks are the top tier. So, the one from the Holywood Glow series should be your pick. It has a dreamy and gliding effect that makes a perfect blending. The warm tone is also a great addition to your fair skin.

7 Best Highlighter For Fair Skin That Won't Make You Looks Like A Vampire! Check It Out!

Another reason why this product is the best highlighter for fair skin is because you can see how it gives a silky and smooth application. It blends perfectly with a pale complexion. So, you don’t look like a vampire or beaten up. With the light-catching highlighter, this is the perfect shade that won’t overwhelm your look.

2. Becca – The Shimmering Skin Perfector (Opal and Champagne Pop)

Nother great pick from the famous market is Becca. You can pick the shimmering skin with the perfector pressed highlighter series. It has quite a lot of shades, but you may want to pick the opal and champagne pop for your fair skin. It is a high-end option, but at least you can get the perfect glam looks that fit for some special occasions.

3. Physician Formula Butter Highlighter (Pearl and Rose Gold)

The pearl and rose gold of Physician Formula’s makeup is one of the high-tier products. The first thing to notice is the creamy and great smell of its cream. Yes, it looks like a cream, but a powder highlighter. Now, the pearl color is a versatile option. But for a smoldering and more attractive glow, you can always get the rose gold that complements your fair skin.

4. Eddie Funkhouser Luxlight Glow (Silver)

This liquid highlighter may be one of the best highlighter for fair skin so far. It does have a clean, light, and blendable formula. In the end, it helps bring that radiant and soft visual points to your face. The silver color may feel a bit lighter or washed out. If so, you can always build up the color and get into a level of radiance.

5. Elf Shimmering Highlight Powder (Pearl, Rose, and Starlight Glow)

A bit of shimmer on the highlighter could make a different appeal to your face. It lightens up the mood and gives an extra pop to your complexion. It goes with the fact that people can use the ELF powder line without any problem. So, it indicates that you can wear it easily and relatively fitting. Many shades may be lighter or darker for your skin. So, check them out!

6. Covergirl TruBlend Super Stunner (Pearl Crush)    

CoverGirl has pretty colors and a stunning glow for a very quick and light application. Try it! you can see the pigmented color appears very clean, so you can give it a great sweep. For more, the stunning pearl crush shades are so easy to blend. You can see it melt to the skin and give that flawless plus seamless makeup.

7. Glint Natural Glow (Dewy Moon)

The Dewy Moon series from Glint deserves a place as the best highlighter for fair skin. It is considered a multifunction and won’t dry out the skin. The Dewy Moon itself works amazingly to brighten up complexion, even for fair skin. It has a creamy formula, but is still smooth and seamless to accentuate your cupid’s bow, brow bone, cheekbones, or used as an eyeshadow!

As you can see the recommendations focus on lighter shades and less white colors. The best highlight on top of the fair skin is mostly the color that complements that light and subtle hint of pink undertone. Those, glitter and highlights in the same or lighter shades should be enough. But which one will fit you? The only answer is to try and decide by yourself!


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