Neutral Eyeshadow Look And How To Get Them! Tutorial And Inspirations

5 Inspirations How to Apply Neutral Eyeshadow for Beginners

Going with neutral eye makeup is always a good option for daily activity. It can be one of the best options that help you get the most natural or versatile looks for all occasions. But what makeup should you pay attention to? The first consideration is the eyeshadow. The following examples and tutorials will take you to some of the best neutral eyeshadow look to try!

How to Do A Neutral Eyeshadow Look?

1. Start with The Prime and Base

When it comes to eye makeup, the best start is always with your base and prime. This is where you want to load up some eyeshadow brush and get the lightest palette as possible. In the case of the base or the prime, going with the prime helps define your eyes and cover up any imperfections. So, try to go with a light color that fits to your complexion.

The imperfection can be the dark circle or the hooded eyes. So, start with the lightest shade, a warm cream, and dust them over your lids and crease. Keep your eyes looking down, and brush your eyeshadow upward toward your brows. It will help you get a clean-looking and uniform base. The idea of using base is also to avoid creases. Wait for a few minutes before going to the main color.    

2. Dust the Eyeshadow

The next step to get that beautiful neutral eyeshadow look is to work with darker shades. The idea is to balance and blend the lighter color of the base. But what palette do you need? For starters, you can always use mauve shades. If you never heard about mauve, it is a color name referring to a pink shade that has a purple hint in it.

In a way, people call it muted light purple with a grey accent. It is one of the famous colors for eyeshadow as it shares hints of pink and natural skin tone colors. But your eyeshadow does not have to be mauve or purple. You can also consider Nude color. The key is to pick colors that fit your skin tone (natural, cold, or warm).

So, what is the take? In this case, try with either medium or darker options (nude or mauve). The medium nude or mauve is the ideal color for the day, and the darker one for the night. Why so? Because the lighter color gives a subtle look during the day. But the darker color makes a clearer appeal during the night, which is fit for the time and various occasions.

To apply the eyeshadow, you can use a small amount of it and dust it over the third of your upper eyelids. For good contrast and dimension, add another small eyeshadow at the lower lash line. Then, blend them out past the corners of your eyes. It will have a smoldering effect. For a natural neutral eyeshadow look, you can start small and always add more in the future.

3. Adding Shimmer

As much as it is good to get the barely there looks, you can always add shimmer to give a bit of glam. Is it a must? You can consider it as optional. But it is always a good addition and changes from an office-friendly look to a party-goer appeal. What do you need? Start with brushing the second lightest shade in the palette.

You can get something luminous finish by adding shimmer and lightly dusting them over your lids. Why do you need the shimmer if you are looking for natural looks? In one way or another, you need to be smart in picking the shimmer. If you go for mauve or nude shimmer, those little glitter will flatter the whole look and make a great combination for your overall complexion. In other words, you won’t look naked but also not too much!

5 Inspirations How to Apply Neutral Eyeshadow for Beginners

1. Cut Crease Eye Look 

Cut crease by James Charles may be one of the controversial options. But you can check his work in eyeshadow that balances both heavy and subtle nuance in it. How he did do that? One thing is for sure, the styling highlights the use of neutral matte and a base shade that is lighter than your skin. Add eyelashes to make the highlight and stay simple to the rest

2. Pink and Coral

Similar to purple or mauve, pink and coral are the best options for those effortless neutral eyeshadow look. While some people do not see pink as neutral, with good combination and application, this shade is on point. Think about a smoke style with a similar color. That is why, the pink palette from Charlotte Tilbury may answer your need.

3. Nude Cat Eye

Neutral Eyeshadow Looks And How To Get Them! Tutorial And Inspirations

Cat eye and nude? Two combinations that keep the style on point! Cat eyes are natural, they fit any style, model, and idea. And nude, is the basis of any neutral looks. If you combine them, you can get that barely have makeup looks. The style is also ideal to make your eyes appear wider. Adding a subtle cut crease also makes a more dramatic look.

4. Subtle Nude Smoke

Smokey looks for neutral makeup? Why not! The smoky eyes are always one of the get-go for the all-around looks. You got the chance to make it heavy or light, as you like it. With nude color, you can get neutral looks easily. Pick colors that are similar to your skin, and match your eyes and complexion. Add a bit of smokiness, black liner, and fake lashes!

5. Fall Inspired Eyeshadow

Fall-inspired eyeshadow such as 2 shades of rose pink should suffice your neutral eyeshadow look craving. This one is pretty easy. You only need to add some dabs or brushes on the top lid. Make it simple, highlight it with a bit of shimmer, and add fake eyelashes and black liner. You don’t need to be a pro for this style. Try it and pull it off any time you want it!

Going for neutral looks should be the best option for people who do not like a spotlight. At some point, the style is barely or almost unnoticeable. But, why doing so? In this case, neutral makeup helps remove any imperfection with as little as possible makeup. The subtle colors help blend and appear natural. So, you can fit any occasion or place easily.


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