Best Eyeshadow Color For Green Eyes To Keep It Vibrant And Pop!

What to Consider When Choosing Eyeshadow for Green Eyes?

Green eyes are unique and mesmerizing. Sure, it can stand out among many other common eye colors. But it is also a trait that is a bit tricky to pull off eye makeup. How can it be? Couldn’t green eyes pull off any color? Surprisingly, you need to be specific for your makeup (especially eyeshadow) selection. So, what is the best eyeshadow color for green eyes? Take the following hints!

Know the Complementary Color to Green!

Before you go to the store, remember and learn about the color wheel. Alright, you are not a designer! But it does not mean you cannot learn the color wheel. Take a bit of time, to see what is a color wheel and learn about it. Especially about the complementary color. What is it? Complementary is the directly opposite color of the wheel.

In this case, the green is complemented with red. Just like the red Christmas costume and the green tree. So, you got green eyes. This means, your best complementary color should be red. Does that mean you can only use red eyeshadow? Not really. The easy answer of your best eyeshadow color should be anything in a reddish tone, slightly orange or red-violet.

In an instant, you can imagine some basic colors such as reddish tones, maroons, mahogany, bronze, or copper. Those are the best color eyeshadows for green eyes that make your iris pop and bright. But you can go slightly to the right or left to pick anything with reddish undertones, such as eggplant color, violet, pink, or other earthy tones.

What to Consider When Choosing Eyeshadow for Green Eyes?

1. Your Eye Color

But the answer above does not mean one color fits everyone! You need to pay attention to several considerations to make sure it fits your green eyes, as an individual! So, first, take a look at your eye color. Green colors appear in several spectrums. Take the example of emerald green, darker green, light green, or blueish green. So, you may have to mix and match your eyeshadow accordingly. 

2. Your Hair Color

Like eyes, you also have hair that affects your whole complexion and looks. So, you may have to check out your hair color to fit the eyeshadow. Take the example of the best color eyeshadow for green eyes is red. If you have red hair, it will enhance your hair even better. It is natural to pick a palette that helps the green appear more prominent.

But what if you have darker hair? In this case, try to balance the look by choosing a natural or cooler color for your eyeshadow. It is meant to make it less heavy and appear too dark. On the other hand, if you have lighter hair you can get warmer or darker eyeshadow. It will help draw people’s attention to your magnificent green eyes. 

3. Your Undertone

Along with the hair and eyes, your undertone is also affecting your eyeshadow selection. You have three undertones, neutral, cold, or warm. They indicate the shade under your skin. The best answer for the eyeshadow is to get pink, brown, or beige for a warm skin tone. For a cool skin tone, get ivory or taupe. But with neutral, you can mix and match the previous colors to fit your skin!

Recommended Eyeshadow Colors for Green Eyes that You Can Try!

1. Bronze

Looking for a warm yet shimmering effect? Bronze can be a great option for your style. Bronze colors give a warm look while also keeping the styles on top. If you want an extra touch, take the medium bronze color with a pigmented golden sheen formula. You can always use it for crease, outer corner, or eyeliner. This best eyeshadow color for green eyes will compliment your iris.

2. Earth Tone

Recommended Eyeshadow Colors for Green Eyes that You Can Try!

Earth tone goes around anything like brown, red, or orange. The best example should be the rich medium terra-cotta or copper. Those spectra of colors fall under the red and yellow combination, which is the best to highlight your green eyes. You can add it as an outer lid color or crease, but you may want to add a pretty light amount of the color when used over the lids.

3. Pinky Dusty Color

Pinky dust or pixie dust should be the warm girly option best eyeshadow color for green eyes. The palette under this color spectrum should be something like matte pink eyeshadow, soft, and light pink. To keep the red tint, pick something that has the tiniest light of peach. It is also pretty soft and neutral, which makes it a great option for base or matte brow bone highlight.

4. Dusty Rose

If you don’t like shimmery color, try dusty rose. A color that has a matte finish should be an ideal option for those soft and muted looks. Why takes this appeal? If you want to appear neutral and have darker hair, the dusty rose and green will shine. To make it better, the eyeshadow also works wonders as a lid or crease color.

5. Red Shades

Check out the red color if you want the real winner of complementary color. In this case, you may look like a vampire but a charming one. You have a lot to express and experience with red shades. Something as subtle as pink, to the dark aged red wine should be fine. If you like, try a bold color just to create a more highlight to your eyes.

6. Purply Violet

Purply violet might be one of the unique best eyeshadow colors for green eyes you may want to try. You can pick either the slightly muted lavender purple or shimmering bright medium purple as you want. The two give different appeals. A darker color helps accentuate your natural green eyes and the bright metallic sheen with a pinkish undertone balances your bright green iris. 

Eyeshadow can be your way to highlight your beautiful eyes. With green as your iris color, your options for eyeshadow can be varied depending on the style, type, and overall complexion. That is why, it is best to try and error your eye makeup. Remember that one mistake might give you a good lesson on picking the right tones. So, what color you want?


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