Best Red Lipstick For Fair Skin! The Best Color That Flatter Your Face

Best Red Lipstick For Fair Skin! The Best Color That Flatter Your Face

A lot of people dream of having fair white skin. It is so pure and clean so it is easy to mix and match makeup. But do you know that fair skin also comes with its challenges? One of them is to pick the proper red lipstick that does not stick up like a sore thumb. So, what to do? Check out the following best red lipstick for fair skin recommendations for the perfect classic looks!

What Shade of Red Lipstick for Fair Skin?

The best shade of red lipstick may look a little different for every skin. If you have fair skin, the best option should be anything that helps enhance your skin tone. Why so? One thing is for sure, fair skin is white enough to appear pale. So, having too stark or contrasting colors will only make your face appear washed out.

In these recommendations, some of the options come in different color shades, budgets, and textures. So, they may or may not fit your preferences. But again, most of the selections are picked to fit fair tones. Which means has almost the right undertone to the fair and white complexion without being too stark and contrasty.

At the same time, some of the options are selected with the note of being budgets and affordable options. It means reaching a bigger audience and availabilities. To make it better, the following best red lipstick for fair skin list comes with several different finishes. So, be sure to check, try, or find your lipstick that will fit your preferences or looks. Have fun!

5 Lipstick Recommendations for Fair Skin You Should Try!

1. Liquid lipstick recommendation

The classic lipstick is not only about the looks, but also its application. In this case, try anything that feels more subtle yet simple. Some of the best recommendations are Besame Cosmetics Forever Red lipstick, Ruby Woo MAC Retro Matte, Or Julie Hewett Los Angeles Rought Noir.

Each of them offers a different finish but with a classic underlying theme. Why so? The Besame’s Forever Red has that old-deep-naturally toned color, which appears like a 40s star. It has square tips and a streaking satin finish. The MAC color has more matte blue-red hues, which make it appear almost glossy.

But the deep color eventually helps create an outstanding appeal and complement the pink skin tone. It is one of the best red lipstick for fair skin as it makes your face less white or washed out. The Julie Hewett is the most pigmented to choose. It does have a glossy look, but still natural enough to complement your fair skin. Again, it is perfect for 1940s-inspired looks.

2. The classic lipstick

If you are looking for liquid lipstick, Stilla has some of the well-earned reputation products to use. The product is called All Day Liquid Lipstick Beso, which is priced around $24. Why is it a good recommendation? The product comes in various shades, but the Beso option has a true red that delivers bold and strong color.

5 Lipstick Recommendations for Fair Skin You Should Try!

For fair skin, the matte color helps create a softer look. It also glides easily and feels comfortable for daily use. For a more pop-up color, you can use Mon Cheri’s Matte Lip Whip. The color is a bit brighter compared to the previous recommendation. It may look too much, especially if you build or layer it a lot. But for classic natural makeup, this is good.

3. Budget lipstick

Cheap does not mean bad. Some of the budget lipsticks are still stellar among many options on the market. And for fair-skinned girls, you have Revlon’s Cherries In The Snow as the best red lipstick for fair skin. It does offer the classic red look, but it also changes depending on who is wearing it. How so? Again it is back to the skin tone.

The main color is fuchsia red, which can appear red or pink depending on the skin tone. It also has a creamy formula, which makes it appear shiny even though they are not fully glossy. One thing though, the product is one of the older product lines or catalog from Revlon. It can get a bit hard to find. But if you do find one, the lipstick is around $6 in the market. 

4. Matte lipstick pencil combo

NARS’ matte is among the popular options if you are looking for a pencil shape. Some of the options are the Audacious Lipstick and the Velvet Matte lip pencil. Both are quite famous, especially when they are mentioned by superstar and singer as famous as Taylor Swift. But what makes the best red lipstick for fair skin?

One thing is for sure, the red lipstick is highly pigmented and has a classic matte finish. These combinations bring out a pop-out effect and complement the fair white skin, even with the extra blond hair. For more, the pencils are easy to use. The warm tone of the lipstick can give the rich red shades as it has an orange base. It is good for fair skin but can be tricky to pull off.

5. Cool and warm month inspiration looks

Think about the more flustered skin during the season changes. It will make the lipstick appear different as well. Not only about the skin color but also the mood. During the warm season, you are bound to look for a cooler color, especially during summer. With that, you may pick something with lighter colors that also need to stay long.

With that, check out Revlon’s Kiss cushion. It is pretty cheap for around $5 and the classic red helps make fair-skinned folks have that lighter appearance. For the cool month, the best red lipstick for fair skin is Maybelline New York Lipstick powder. It has a darker shade that gives you daring looks (almost vampire-like), but still can balance the fair white skin tones.

At the end of the day, a recommendation is just a list of some of the best options available in the market. The best product for you will only depend on many considerations, including skin tone, eyes, and hair color. So, don’t stop yourself to try some of the best options out there. Try and find your perfect color!


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