5 Fun Group Fitness Ideas for You and Friends!

5 Fun Group Fitness Ideas for You and Friends!

Working out alone in a gym can be a little bit boring sometimes. However, doing a group sport like basketball or soccer is a little excessive with the need for a large field. Therefore, you can do these five fun group fitness ideas below with your friends. Not only you will have fun and get some sweat off with friends, these activities will deepen your bonds too!

Group Fitness Ideas You Can Try to Make More Fun

1. Red Light Green Light

This game requires at least three players. One player will shout “green light” and the others will have to move with a set of exercises to the said player. You can choose between bear crawls, broad jumps, crab walks, etc. When the said player shouts “red light”, the other players have to stop and not move or they will be counted as the loser and switch to a “green light” player.

2. Fitness Competition

This game is pretty fun especially if your group is a competitive bunch. One person can choose an exercise, do 1 set then the next person should do one more set and so on. For example, person A does 1 set of squats, person B must do 2 sets, person C passes with 3 sets, and so on. Whoever gives up first is the loser. This fun group fitness ideas is thrilling!

5 Fun Group Fitness Ideas for You and Friends!

3. The Bouncing Balloon

In this game, at least three players are required. Each player takes turns bouncing the balloon then they must call out to the next player and then do a plank or squat until their turn arrives. Any player who doesn’t manage to keep the balloon from hitting the floor loses, and then the game starts from the beginning with the said player as the first player.

4. Song Workout

Choose one song that has repetitive lyrics in it. For example the song “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC. Play the song and do one set of exercises every time the word “thunder” or “thunderstruck” is said. This goes for the whole song. You can use several other songs too and do a different exercise. Anyone who can’t keep up or miss the word is the loser of the game.

5. Catch the Crab

Another fun group fitness ideas is catch-a-crab where at least 3 players are required. One person will act as the crab and perform a crab walk. The others will have to catch them by doing the squat walk. Use at least 5 minutes limit in one game. If within a time limit of 5 minutes the “crab” person is not captured, then the player wins the game. On the other hand, if caught, the player loses.

Those are five fitness games that you can do with friends to exercise together as well as bonding time. By doing games like the one above, exercises will feel good and create quality time together. You can also do this game with your family at the end of the week. Games in groups like this will create a sense of relaxation after a week of work or school.


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