Natural Makeup With Red Lipstick To Stay Elegant And Slaying

Inspiration For a Good-Old Natural Red Lip Makeup

Red lipstick can be a bit tricky to pull out. At some point, it defeats many other aspects and seems too much. But to balance the all highlights from the red lip, you can combine it with the natural. But now comes the other question. What natural makeup with red lipstick should you try? From bold to flawless skin and signature red lips, here are tips and ideas to try on!

Inspiration For a Good-Old Natural Red Lip Makeup

1. Glossy and Matte Look

Glossy and matte looks are the two finishes you can nail easily even with subtle makeup. First, if you are going for natural makeup, take the slightly pinkish-golden shimmer shades for your eyelids. Add a thin line of black eyeliner for highlight and make a glass skin look by adding red lips. Don’t forget the light base with highlighter on the cheekbones. That is a good natural base.

After that, you can bring out glossy lips all you want. You can shape it simple or make a glam look with dark red lip gloss. For more dramatic looks, try dark maroon and bold winged black liner. But if you are looking for a more natural and old vintage style, get that glossy finish. How to get it? Dab your lipstick with tissue to dust some loose powder and get the matte effect.

2. Combine It with Smoky Eyes

Smoky eyes help accentuate your eye’s beauty. But with the red lips, it becomes a gothic, high-end, and attractive look. How to put natural makeup with red lipstick? You can always try a vampire look with bright red lipstick or go with dark red lipstick for a night party. The key is to either exaggerate the eyeshadow or go with a fine brush for more natural makeup. 

3. Going Classic

The idea of going classic is to take the old Hollywood look for you. How? Some of the beautiful ladies out there pulled off the natural red lip with shimmery eye makeup, natural base, and bold back-wing eyeliner. It is pretty natural without too much glam and colors on your skin. It also fits well with any color tones.

To keep up with the current trend you can also get glossy red lips with a slightly contoured base, brushed eyebrow, and bold winged eyeliner. Don’t forget the shimmery effect! that will take you to the old glorious Marylin Monroe look. You can also add matte red lipstick, bronzing style, and brown eye makeup to stay natural.

4. Bold With Dark Red

Bold color can be a great alternative for unique yet charming natural makeup with red lipstick. In this case, you can pick either bold on the eyes or the lipstick. If your answer is yes, try shimmery eye makeup with bright or highlighted colors. After that, you can balance it with the same bold red color or get it done with dark maroon red.

5. Bronzed the Look   

Bronzed makeup highlights the glittery, gold, and bronze styling. It is something you can find for a wedding look. But if you are going for a more natural and flawless, you can always tone it down a little bit. Get a bit darker shade for your eye makeup. Combine it with a glittery bronze shade and subtle base makeup. Add matte red lipstick and you have that glam appeal. 

5 Tips on Making Natural Makeup and Red Lipstick

1. Preparing Your Skin

It is always better or more important to prepare your skin, especially for natural makeup with red lipstick. A pretty small or thin makeup will be the answer. With that, always start by cleansing your face. Continue with moisturizer and apply sunscreen. With that, you got that extra skin protection, flawless, and radiant completion. 

2. Adding Light Foundation and Soft Contour

Natural Makeup With Red Lipstick To Stay Elegant And Slaying

Keep your complexion natural and light. Uses lightweight foundation plus tinted moisturizer if needed. You don’t need that full coverage as it makes a too heavy or glam. Another good way to balance the red bold lip is to get the soft contouring. In this case, always going for subtle. Don’t go heavy! Get that soft sculpted look plus a great blending appeal.

3. A Dust of Blush and Bronzer

Similar to the foundation and contour, you need to put a pretty little blush or bronzer. It will be a great help of natural makeup with red lipstick. If you are up for the look, check out peach-tone or neutral-toned blush for your cheek. It allows you to complement a vibrant red lipstick. How about bronzer? Do you need one?

When it comes to bronzer, this makeup can help you get that unique look of sun-kissed natural style. In this case, the key is to make the bronzer to add dimension and warmth. You can always add a tad bit of the bronzer as subtly as possible at the area where the sun usually hits your face. But, always understand that contour is not bronzer. So, don’t mess them up.

4. Subtly Define Your Eyes

Defining your eyes as you like. But if you are up for the real natural looks, do it subtly. Just add a light wash color to your eyelid. It should be enough to add dimension. Sometimes you can also avoid dramatic eye makeup, but going with mascara is good enough. After that, keep your eyebrows groomed. So you are looking natural but tidy as heck.

5. Apply the lipstick

Natural makeup with red lipstick should be completed with great lipstick. Always prepare your lips with good moisturizing lip balm and exfoliate. After that, you are free to put any shades of red. You can go as simple as matte, going classic re, bright cheery, to deeper burgundy. Don’t forget to outline your lips. So the lipstick will fill your lip and looks s Natural looks with red lips are likely one of the staple women’s looks to try. It sounds simple, but a good pick on style will create more impact. In one way or another, this is a great thing to try. You can combine it with very simple makeup, classic, smokey eyes, or play with varying red lipstick shades.


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