Group Fitness Class Ideas To Keep Everyone Healthy

Keep Everyone Healthy: Check out Three Exciting Group Fitness Class Ideas

Creating a great workout group is not easy. We have to ensure that everyone gets an effective and safe workout. Moreover, the instructor needs to plan and adjust the appropriate workout. Not too hard or easy for each person. Also, there are considerations such as the equipment, time consumption, body strength, and others. Here are some group fitness class ideas that you can try.

Check Out Three Group Workout Ideas You Should Try

1. One Dumbbell Workout

The less equipment usually becomes a problem if we do a workout group, but it can be covered through creative ideas as it can be. For example, if there are limited dumbbells available, just use one for each person. It is enough to do a core workout individually. Another solution that can be used is, to do a traditional workout of strength with one side of the body.

The unbalanced resistance from the one dumbbell will activate the core to maintain the alignment of the body. It brings benefits through a challenge and workout for body strength. Moreover, there are various group fitness class ideas using one dumbbell workout that your group fitness can try. Those are unilateral dumbbell circuits, one dumbbell pyramid, and many more.

2. Group Body Weight Workout

When doing workouts, body weight can be used as essential equipment. Our body weight can be used for lifting, shifting, and even holding workouts. Moreover, there is a workout that only needs our body weight, such as sit-ups, pull-ups, and push-ups. All of these workouts have benefits for maintaining our body strength. It does not require any equipment, but adaptation to the movements.

In group fitness, the bodyweight workout might be more varied. For example, the instructor can mix push-ups with sit-up workouts. It can be a very exciting group fitness class ideas because everyone will inspire each other to achieve a better result. However, they will be more motivated to overcome the struggles at the beginning.

3. Partner Workout

The main reason people choose group fitness is that there is a good atmosphere there, where there are a lot of people. It can be a way to socialize with other people while working out. To complete the social atmosphere, the instructor usually asks people to do partner workouts. Apart from sharing the equipment, they can also interact with each other.

Keep Everyone Healthy: Check out Three Exciting Group Fitness Class Ideas

Partner workouts are suitable for the intense training style. It requires a period of work and rest. The rest period can be used to change the equipment for the partner. The instructor can use these group fitness class ideas by applying them one by one to a workout, where one person executes while the other is resting. It is effective for time consumption and equipment use.

Working out in a group is a good idea in terms of managing the limited equipment and can also bring more interest and motivation for each person to work out together. Moreover, they will experience a good social atmosphere while doing workouts. It can be used as a regular activity that is exciting and useful for your body’s health and strength.


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