How To Hide Dark Circles Under Eyes! Looking Sharp With Makeup

Tips On Concealing Those Nasty Dark Circles

Your eyes can show anything, from complexion, and nervousness, to your mood. But, what if you have tired-looking eyes caused by dark circles? The panda eyes may happen due to the lack of sleep or rest. Thankfully, you can always look sharp and strong with the help of makeup. Here are the tips on how to hide dark circles under the eyes you should try!

Tips On Concealing Those Nasty Dark Circles

1. De-Puffing Your Eyes

There are several to many reasons why your eyes have that heavy dark bag! It can be you are tired or sleepless. In many cases, the first thing to do is to always condition the eyes. What to do? Most of the time, the dark circle also comes with puffy eyes. So, de-puff the eye using natural elements such as ice rollers, a slice of cucumber, or tea bags.

The idea is to make your eyes rest and refresh. If you are looking for a quick and easy option, try cool eye gels or a cool teaspoon. Take a bit of your time to relax and massage around the area. This idea will help the natural response of the skin to drain the pooled fluid in the area and slowly remove the puffiness.

2. Prep Your Skin

What if the situation is not only about the puffiness and the dark circle? In this case, check out your eye condition. Some conditions may need moisturizer, especially for dry skin who are looking tired and dull. In this case, one way to start the process is to use eye cream on your eyes. This will start with the how to hide dark circles under the eyes process.

It will be different if the dark circles are there because of the sun damage. The tiredness of your eyes will appear darker thanks to the heavy light exposure. Be careful with this problem. You can use an eye cream with alpha hydroxy acid, which helps lighten up the dark pigment. But if the dark circle is very bad. Consider visiting a dermatologist for a better cream solution.

Why is it important to prep your skin? Using eye cream or depuffing may help cool down your tired eyes. All because the makeup will barely hide the condition if your eyes are in bad condition. The preparation is also meant to hydrate and nourish your skin. It is very vital for makeup since corrector and concealer will sink better in healthy skin. 

3. Layer The Foundation And Contour Your Eyes

After prepping the skin, you can start with the makeup. What to do? First, you may want to layer the foundation. Keep it subtle to blend the color with the thin layer under your eyes. In this case, it is best to consider your skin’s undertone. With that, you know what is the best color fitting to your complexion.

Overall, how to hide dark circles under the eyes can be done properly if you know what to wear. In this case, try to apply the foundation with your finger. It will help add a dense coverage and is easy to blend with a sponge. If you are not sure about the foundation color, try blending a light and dark shade on your jawline. Check whether they blend naturally or not to find the perfect shade.

4. Color Correcting Your Dark Circles

The intricate point of hiding the dark circles is hyperpigmentation because of the blood pooling under the eyes. So, it is not only appearing dark or black. But rather a combination of blue and purple. So, you cannot easily conceal the dark panda eye with foundation. You will need to prime the eyes using a color corrector as part of the how to hide dark circles under the eyes.

What is a color corrector? In makeup, it is a method where you use complementary colors to balance out the looks and neutralize the imperfection (in this case your dark circles). How do you use it? in this case, the complementary color is used to cancel out each other. Take the example of dark circles should be blended with sunny colors.

The sunny colors can include yellow, orange, or peach. Those bright colors should only be applied in dark circles, so you won’t get the orange hues on your normal skin tone. To apply properly, you need to swap the corrector in V shape motion with the top being the inner and the bottom being the outer corner of your eyes.

5. Concealer To Blend Your Skin And Eye Makeup

How To Hide Dark Circles Under Eyes! Looking Sharp With Makeup

After the corrector, the next step on how to hide dark circles under the eyes is to blend everything. Yes, you need to blend everything with a light reflective formula that is slightly lighter than your skin tone. The purpose is to brighten up the area and blend every makeup you have used before.

But, there is some trick to applying concealer. The key is to pick one that works with your skin. You can use the liquid concealer if you have relatively smooth skin. But if you have a fine line, opt for the denser, firm, and matte concealer. It will help prevent creases. After that, apply in small dots, use a synthetic bristle brush, and use your finger pad to press it in.

6. Set It Up With Powder

The last of the process in how to hide dark circles under the eyes is to set it well. You can set the look using blotting papers and take down the shine in the area. It will help a lot if you can use a small brush to add the powder as well. In this case, opt for translucent powder to avoid cakes. After that use sponge or brush to stamp the powder and set it up the look.

Even with all of the tips and tricks, having dark circles under your eyes can indicate exhaustion. You should take some rest and sleep. Remember that makeup is just a façade to conceal your tired complexion. Hopefully, these tips can help you look fresh and sharp again. But be sure to keep up your health and get enough rest. A natural fresh look is always the best!


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