Best Eyeshadow Palette For Brown Eyes! From Natural To Spectacular

Best Eyeshadow Palette For Brown Eyes! From Natural To Spectacular

Brown eyes are very common, it is even the most common eye color to find. But it does not mean they are boring. The brown color is one of the most versatile and beautiful colors to beautify. There are so many shades of brown that complement attractive and fun eyeshadow style. But what is the best eyeshadow palette for brown eyes? Here are some suggestions.     

What to Pick on The Eyeshadow for Your Brown Eyes!

1. Colors or Shades

Fortunately, brown eyes can run crazy with any colors for the eyeshadow. You can go as naturally as possible or go beyond to be more spectacular. People with brown eyes do not have to be afraid to reach any color, such as black or brown is good. But a more colorful option with shimmer and glitter will work as well.

As a bare minimum, you can highlight two situations. The everyday eyeshadow makeup works fine with softer colors or warm shades, composing amber, copper, rosy blush, sandy beige, and many more. But for the evening look with a bit of drama, you can go a bit darker with purple or gray. You could also play with more playful colors such as green or anything.   

2. Versatility

To pick the best eyeshadow palette for brown eyes, consider its versatility. What does it mean? Brown eyes can flatter almost everything, so opting for a multi-purpose palette may be worth better. In this case, you can pick something that works for your eyeshadow, dab for your cheeks, or highlight your brow bone. So, it will be more wallet-friendly.

3. Finish Matte or Shimmery

What kind of finish you are looking for? At least, you have three options. Matte, glitter, or shimmery. Thank god, brown eyes can complement all those options. So, you can pick based on your preference or occasion. A bit hint for you! A deeper flat shade works better for the base. Medium mattes to blend and the shimmery should be one for highlighting.

Which Eyeshadow Palette is Best to Choose for Brown Eyes?

1. Mario Master Eyeshadow (Metallic or Mattes)

Mario Master is available in both Mattes and Metallic palettes. Yes, you can pick both or one based on your preference. In this case, you have 12 pigmented shades that are worth the price (around $50). The range of shades is stellar as you have three cool tones and the rest are rosy tones. It works as one of the best eyeshadow palette for brown eyes.   

2. Natasha Denona Bronze Eyeshadow

Bronze color gives a more shimmery, metallic, or matte look, depending on how you apply it. and to make it best, the bronze color is filled with warm to cooler colors such as purple. This is a good option for you who are looking for a smooth and blend-able eyeshadow. For $50 eyeshadow, you have 15 shades to try out.

3. Dior Backstage Eyeshadow

Filled with Dior logos all over its palette, this eyeshadow should be one of the greatest picks for girls with brown eyes. The highlight comes from the pre-approved formula, which makes the eyeshadow feel more pigmented but also gives the perfect shimmery and matte shades. It is priced around $50 and you will get various neutral shades and warm tones.

4. Milani Pure Passion

What to Pick on The Eyeshadow for Your Brown Eyes!

12 warm and vibrant shades from Milai Pure Passion must be part of the best eyeshadow palette for brown eyes. How so? For a $33 product, it comes with great shade options and ultra-pigmented formula. The rosy and warm color makes it versatile and appear more silky. And the texture brings out a better and more seamless transition between the natural lid and color. 

5. Tom Ford Eye Color Quad Eyeshadow

If you are looking for a more splurge and get the best out of a brand, then check out Tom Ford for shades. This option is pretty cheap but worth it for its silky and smooth texture. The quad-color offers a more luxurious look with shimmers in it. The pack also has various other color packs, such as Disco Dust, Honeymoon, Pretty Baby, and Body Heat. 

6. Covergirl Trunaked Quad Eyeshadow

Four shades in a small package? You got the best from Covergirl under the $10 budget. Yes, this budget eyeshadow may not be the best compared to the luxurious brand. But it can be an adequate option for small, simple, and travel-friendly options. How about the color? The shades feel more brown, bronzy, and burgundy. But it has a little shimmer with pretty light natural color. 

7. Elf Cosmetics No Budge

If you are looking for a simple and quick touchup, a good old eyeshadow stick will appeal. In this case, Elf has one of the best eyeshadow palette for brown eyes. The all-over lids cover is a great option for full shadow or liner on the lash lines. You can buy it for around $5 and get one shade with a slightly warm metallic pigmented look.

8. Charlotte Tilbury Chameleon

Charlottle eyeshadow sticks that are priced around $35 feel like luxurious items to get. But, the dark pearl eyeshadow is one of the peak looks for people with brown eyes. This eyeshadow has a smooth and creamy texture, which makes it easy to apply in a breeze. The color is highly pigmented, making it appear sharp and clean. It will be a perfect option for a day or night look. 

9. Melt Cosmetic Gemini

Looking for unique shades? How about the green palette from Melt Cosmetics? With brown eyes, you can nail the look as green giving the more warm to a neutral tone. It is a perfect drama style. But, it is priced above $50.

10. Sugar Rush Dream on Eye & Cheek

Six different shimmering shades make this best eyeshadow palette for brown eyes feel mediocre. But the versatility is over the top. You can use it for your eye and dab it on your cheek for an overall look. Some copper and gold-toned shades give a pop color while staying natural. A good option for $30 makeup. 

The good thing about brown eyes is they are very common and a lot of inspiration on the internet. What people fail to create has become a great lesson for others to make a better makeup combination, hence the various potential eyeshadow palettes to pick. It shows how versatile, unique, and appealing brown eyes can be. So, what do you want to try?


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