Cardio Exercises List You Should Know And How To Pick The Best One

Get To Know About Cardio Exercises And How To Pick The Best One

Getting active and getting healthy has become one the vital lifestyle in modern society. People start to pay attention to their looks, suggesting better health in the process. It later leads to the introduction and interest in doing cardio exercises. It goes to everyone from young to senior citizens. But what are cardio or cardiovascular exercises? Here are things to learn.

About Cardio Exercises

Before going to the exercises, it is best to learn what kind of workout it is meant to do. Cardio or cardiovascular exercise sometimes referred to as aerobic exercise, which is highlight rhythmic activities to help increase heart rate. At one point, people do the exercise to raise the heart rate into a certain target rate zone.

While it is known as rhythmic, some beginner to easier exercises is mostly under this category. Walking and running are prime examples of options people can consider. It is also an exercise that is meant or known to have a relation to calories and fat management. Thus, a common selection for weight loss exercises.

One thing that pretty much stands out from the cardio exercise is its focus on oxygen usage during the workout session. It is the complete opposite of strength training. That is why some people see that the cardio ability or capacity of every person are vary based on several factors. Overall, cardio is a great daily or routine exercise for everyone.

It is also worth highlighting that cardio is safe to do every day as long as it is still under the average time. Moderate aerobic exercise should be around 150 minutes of activities a week. For vigorous cardio, the number should be around 75 minutes per week. It is also good to combine the exercise.

A better exercise recommendation for cardio or aerobics is about 300 minutes a week. It is recommended number, but not everyone can or should do it. Even a small amount of physical activity in the form of running and walking should be helpful. Being active for a short number every day should be enough to provide health benefits. 

The Benefits of Cardio

Why and what kind of benefits can you expect from doing the cardio exercises? The answer can cover a vast aspect of health. You can see that some of the many aspects people love doing cardio are its ability in improving health benefits in general. It has almost all physical or mental health aids.

The very common benefit is losing weight by burning fat and calories. People in the weight loss routine love running and walking, as the simplest cardio. Calories burning and weight control are good in reducing some health situations, such as high cholesterol, heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure, or cancer.

Those sets of health benefits also prevent many other ailments related to the heart and joints. Some other health improvements include expanding lung capacity. Bone and joint health also aid people to do some weight-bearing cardio such as climbing stairs and climbing. Not only physically, but the benefits of cardio also reach mental health.

Mental-related benefits can fall into more feeling good and relieving depression. Some people also get the best advantages as doing exercises helps them to relieve anxiety that leads to lowers stress. At one point, there is a possibility that cardio is known to improve sex life by improving body image, looks, and feeling confident.

Choosing The Best Exercise for You

Despite having the most chill and easy exercise to do, it is best to understand that not everyone can or can reach a certain level of cardio workout. It is best to pick one that you can do, won’t force your body, and you can enjoy. Personality and comfort make the exercise feel more doable, which is better to help create a constant workout.

The idea is to stick with long-term exercises. Thankfully, the cardio options themselves can range from the simplest action. One does not need to pay too much or spend a lot on equipment, which is the reason why cardio appeal to people in all states. Another good choice is the location, which can mean doing indoors or outdoors.

Most of the exercises are meant to be done outdoors since its bound to have or need more area to cover. Some examples include running, cycling, or walking. Some people jog to ensure it fits their needs. A nice intake is that some cardio is also available as an indoor or gym since many machines can provide its activities.

Some of the gym cardio include rowing machines, stationary bikes, treadmills, pool, elliptical trainers, and many more. Of course, some simple coaching such as cardio videos or online can also be a great alternative for home exercise. In this modern era, some of the at-home cardio workouts are also available in many other media.

Some of them include DVDs, fitness apps, online workout videos, to other programs. It can include simple aerobics such as jogging in place, jumping jacks, burpees, or other easy-to-do acts. A great investment in buying a home treadmill can also be a nice decision for private cardio at home. The key is to get who you can and have confidence in doing so.   

6 Types Of Cardio Exercise To Consider

1. Jumping Rope

Even though the cardio exercises look pretty simple and childish, jumping rope is a stellar workout. The popular kids’ game and simple exercises are fitting for all people, especially for those who want to maintain weight, lose weight, or keep fit. It is also a versatile exercise, which you can do indoors, outdoors, as a personal or group activity (games).

Jumping rope itself is pretty much simple and does not require any special skill, aside from body coordination. At much the exercise also needs pretty low-key equipment such as ample space, jump rope, and comfortable shoes. Some people style the jump rope, doing multiple jumps at once. For more challenges, jump rope is also doable with some extra weight at the feet.

For such as simple jumping rope activities, you can say that the workout is one of the overall health workouts. When done properly and routine, it can burn calories and fat fast. It is also the common option for coordination and agility exercises. At some points, people love it since it reduces stress even as a light too long cardio.

2. Walking

Probably the easiest and most loved exercise for everyone is walking. It is also the simplest since the cardio activity can be part of daily life and routine. At one point it can be part of the daily activities distinguished as common happenings, such as walking around the block, going to the workplace, to the grocery store, or just getting some movement instead of sitting around.

For such exercise, walking does not any special skills. That is why it is the most affordable and doable cardio for everyone. The most you need is a pair of comfortable shoes or footwear. Even as the simplest workout, there is research that shows how walking is the simplest key to preventing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Similar benefits can also be available for both men and women, of all ages. With that, walking appeals to every people with a certain purpose or simply going for its stress-relieving effects. How good and what are the benefits of walking? If you are going for this exercise, be ready to see how much it can provide.

Walking l keeps the body moving, and it does not have to do something heavy. It meant and helps boost the immune system, especially helpful in reducing the risk of developing heart disease. It also reduces body fat, for people who want to lose weight. The cardio exercises also help ease joint pain plus increase muscle strength.   

3. Running

One step more challenge above walking is running. It is not about a full sprint and running move, the idea is to keep moving at a certain speed. While running is too much, people or you can start jogging. Both have similar actions, with jog is in a slower rate. This exercise, people can do this outdoors or indoors with a treadmill.

For such a simple running, the exercise can cover varying aspects of benefits. People are running to maintain fitness, lose weight, or sometime simply to have fun. But again, running is one step harder compared to walking. Thus, one might have to consider starting with jogging and brisk walking before overexerting the body too quickly.

It is also recommended to do some stretching and cool down before and after running. It helps prevent straining the muscle as well as relaxing the body. When done properly, running is a nice exercise to help maintain weight. Some also highlight the benefits in lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. And lastly, strengthen the muscles. 

4. Cycling

Another easy daily activity for a cardio workout is cycling. It is a form of workout that can be done in a more relaxing or challenging routine. Take an example of going cycling to reach the workplace or as shorter commutes. Or if you are up to more challenges, joining a cycling club might offer to tour some competitions.

Get To Know About Cardio Exercises And How To Pick The Best One

If you don’t have bicycles, some gym also has spin classes with stationary cycling. Cycling is one of the cardio exercises that is known for its low impact, which includes building muscle and pumping the heart in a less stressful manner. With that in mind, this is a great activity that can help ease stiffness, joint pain, and stress, plus improve bone density.

5. Swimming

The next thing that can give a literal refresh to the body is swimming. Swimming has low-impact exercises, which are good for all ages and gender. It provides exercise with low strain even for regular exercise. At one point, many loved swimming since it feels easier to move in the water than on land.

That explains why many senior exercises include swimming because it has a low impact on the process. In its process, swimming activities demand almost all body exercises. It makes you work with the core, upper body, and lower body. At its best, swimming also helps improve lung capacity. But again, not everyone can swim.

It is a skill that people need to learn beforehand. If you don’t know how to do so, some gym or recreation centers might come with a professional instructor. It will help prevent any danger or possible mistake, especially when you have a specific ailment. In general, swimming is always nice cardio. It helps you build strength, tones muscle, and have some fun.

6. HIIT Cardio Exercises

Also known as high-intensity interval training is a set of exercise routines. It is made up of some short or long intense exercise, depending on the purpose or capability. HIIT is also followed by low-intensity exercise or rest, which makes it pretty much an aerobic workout. HIIT is also known as HIIE or high-intensity intermittent exercise or (SIT) Sprint Interval Training. 

You can find many videos and instructions on the internet, which compose some movements such as squat jumps, burpees, reverse crunches, or mountain climbing. Each movement has its reps, which wrap under the intense exercise time frame from less than 45 seconds to two or four minutes. It can be a great wake-up kick as a morning workout.

Since it composes ranges of movement and cardio exercises at one single intense time, it is mostly used for certain purposes. Some use it to help burn calories quickly, lose weight, or get toned up. It is also effective in strengthening muscles and even lowering blood pressure. But it should be made up of a proper set, or else it will feel like too much to do. A cardio workout is pretty much a crucial aspect of life. Young or seniors can do cardio as a way to keep the body healthy. It poses varying benefits from health, and stress relief, to a confidence boost. However, not everyone should have the same exercise. With many options to consider, you can be healthy with simple exercises such as running or walking.


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