Low Impact Cardio Exercises You Should Know, the Ideas, and Its Benefits

What you Need To Know About Low Impact Cardio Exercises, the Ideas, and Its Benefits

There are two types of cardio: high-impact cardio and low-impact cardio. High-impact cardio exercises is a type of cardio that involves lots of jump in practice. Meanwhile, low impact cardio exercises is an exercise that involves less pressure on your joint.

What is Cardio?

There are lots of options for maintaining our health. You can eat healthy food daily, change your lifestyle, and even do some exercise. The exercises have many forms you can choose according to what is best for you. An example of a workout is cardio. So, what is actually cardio?

Cardio means cardiovascular training. Cardio is considered aerobic exercise, meaning that this form of workout requires a high oxygen flow. Because of that, you will breathe harder to catch more oxygen in your lungs. Cardio is an excellent option if you aim to lose weight by burning calories.

If you want to strengthen your lungs and heart, this exercise works best because you need lots of oxygen. So, by doing cardio regularly, you not only burn your calories to lose weight but also your lungs and heart will get stronger. Then, your body will be healthier overall.

The Benefits of Cardio Exercise for Body

1. Improve the Hearth Health

The first benefit you can get when you do cardio exercise daily is boosting your heart health. A healthy heart helps you add a year to your life, so you probably will live longer and make it easier to do your daily activities. Cardio helps your heart stay strong and pump your blood through the body efficiently.

2. Good For Mental Health

The following benefits you will get when you are doing high-impact, or low impact cardio exercises are better for your mental health. Cardio helps you to boost your mood, less your anxiety, and even help you to recover from stress. It can happen because when you exercise, your body releases endorphins or happy hormones.

3. Helps to Burn Calories

Just like other exercises, cardio is also great for people who want to lose weight. It is possible because cardio helps you to burn calories in your body, so you will meet your goals for weight loss. Depending on the duration and the intensity, the approximate number of calories burned by cardio is between 150 to 1,000 per session.

4. Improves The Quality of Sleep

Another benefit of cardio is you will get better sleep. Stress is one of the reasons why people have insomnia and do not get enough sleeping. As mentioned before, this exercise helps you cope with stress and boost your sleep quality. But make sure to not do the cardio before sleeping, so you won’t have trouble sleeping.

5. Boost the Brain’s Power

Another benefit of doing both high and low impact cardio exercises is improving your brain. Cardio helps you to improve your cognitive performance. By doing cardio exercises, you can also slow down the cognitive loss that usually happens because of age. It can be concluded that this exercise is not only good for your body’s health, but your brain’s as well.

6. Safe to Perform for Any Ages

Cardio can be considered the safest exercise for any age. People in their 20s, 30, and 40s can do this type of exercise easily. Kids can do this exercise too. Just make sure to choose the most suitable cardio exercise for you depending on the moves, the intensity, and your body condition.

Low-Impact Cardio Workout Ideas You Can Do Everyday

1. Walking

This might be the easiest low impact cardio exercises for everyone. Walking is actually a great exercise that has a low impact. By walking, you can set the pace and intensity according to yourself. Also, you can do it anywhere and anytime. Other good news is this workout doesn’t require any tools and equipment.

To do this low impact cardio, you can start walking anywhere. Then, you can try to increase the intensity by walking on higher ground, or you can consider walking on the hill and trying to speed up your pace. If you don’t like to walk alone, you can look for someone as your walking buddy.

2. Swimming

The next low impact cardio exercises you can do is swimming. Swimming is the best workout for you if you looking for an exercise that puts very little stress on your joints. By swimming, your heart rate will increase. Not only that, but also swimming helps you to strengthen the whole muscles in your body.

3. Cycling

Are you a back pain sufferer? Then the following low impact cardio exercises are great for you. Cycling also increases your heart without much pressure on your joints. If you already have a bicycle on your own, you can start cycling outside and increase your intensity and pace gradually.

4. Pilates

Another option, if you want to do cardio that has low impact, is by doing pilates. Pilates helps you to increase your core strength. Also, it enables you to improve your posture, lessen the risk of injuries, and boost your body awareness. Not only that, but also this exercise will improve your flexibility.

5. Yoga

Who doesn’t know yoga? Yoga is an exercise that involves physical poses, focus, and deep breathing. There are plenty of benefits to doing yoga regularly: your balance will be improved, and you will get a better body posture. Also, yoga can be used as a stress reliever. Depending on the poses, yoga can increase your heart rate with little pressure on your joints.

6. Golf

What you Need To Know About Low Impact Cardio Exercises, the Ideas, and Its Benefits

Another option of low impact cardio exercises is by doing golf. Golf is one sport that hits balls into some holes on a course. Golf can improve your health in several different ways. By playing golf, you will get new connections with your golf buddies, spend more time on the outside, and improve your balance. Exercising regularly, such as cardio, will give you many benefits. You can improve your brain power, manage your stress level, increase your health level, and even helps you to get a better quality of sleep. If you want to start doing cardio, you can try doing low-impact cardio first before doing high-impact one.


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