Best Blue Eyeshadow Ideas For Work-Friendly Make Up!

Best Blue Eyeshadow Ideas to Try for Your Office-Friendly Makeup

Eyeshadow is always one of the tricks to stay classy and add a unique touch to your makeup with less effort. You can always consider it as a way out to stay fashionista while staying under the rule. How so? You can see the following blue eyeshadow ideas for work or office. You will see that even the work environment won’t stop you from appearing beautiful with blue eyeshadow.

Tips on How to Apply Blue Eyeshadow and What You Should Consider!

1. Add the Blue Eyeshadow on The Lower Lid

Aside from going all out with the color and eye makeup, a simple and subtle color is enough to make your face brighten up. In this case, the thing you can try is to use the blue-colored eyeshadow on your lower lid. A pretty simple touch should be enough as you don’t want to appear too much during the office work.

The key to this idea or tip is to use the lining technique. It means you only need to add some simple color to the lower lid. Try bright or darker blue to add a pop to your eye. This idea is known to help appear as neutral as possible. At the same time, it takes a particularly small effort. All you need is just 1 swipe of color without too much shading.

To avoid the blue color being too obtrusive, you can blend it a little with the top lid color. Take the example of black eyeliner or a darker brown shade for the upper lid. This is a great option for a more mature and natural look. To keep it light and pop up, combine this look with simple makeup. That should be enough for your first office-friendly blue eyeshadow ideas. 

2. Blending with Black Eyeliner for Highlighter

Pretty similar to the previous method, you can also apply the blue eyeshadow on the top lid. But to make it appear formal and office-like, consider avoiding the big brush. Take it as a simple lining alongside black eyeliner. The combination of blue on top of black will always help create a more highlighted look.

Should you add a wing or flick? It is up to your preferences. If you are looking for quick makeup, you don’t have to add wings. Instead, use a fluffy brush for a neutral or soft color. Then get an eyeliner pen for the black lining and then add sharp solid blue eyeshadow as the main highlight. It will add a fun appeal.

3. Diffused Lid Color for Subtle Styling

Diffused shade coloring for your upper lid can turn into a lit appeal. How so? This idea mostly highlights the more simple and subtle look. All you need to do is to avoid adding too much blue on the lid. Instead, use bright blue for highlighting and add diffused colors to create shade. It will make a clean look to your eye.

How to do it? This tip takes you to add as small amount of blue eyeshadow as possible. After that, you will blend it with a neutral or light brown color. The neutral color will be the base color. then the blue will only applied on the lashline to the lower half of the lid. If you are looking a safe safe-looking makeup, this should be part of blue eyeshadow ideas.

4. Consider Less Flashy Color

Not all office or work environments allow its women employees to wear makeup or at least not over-the-top looks. If so, you can always consider the less flashy color. Take a darker shade or anything that will blend properly with a neutral color. Consider the blue as a highlight, but not as the big color part. It will make your look simple and office-friendly.

Best Blue Eyeshadow Ideas to Try for Your Office-Friendly Makeup

1. Navy Wing

Depending on how you make the wing, this kind of idea can stay relevant for the office or work environment. What is the key look? Navy should be the color as it is one of the subtle and very strong colors that help compliment all eye colors. To make it work, you can use a navy pencil and blend it with navy shadow. If you want to look more spectacular, make it smokier.

2. Glittery Blue Smoke 

Tips on How to Apply Blue Eyeshadow and What You Should Consider!

It is not a surprise that smokey eyes can work on all occasions. But with blue, you can appear more eye-catching. In these blue eyeshadow ideas, you can always make it as subtle, simple, or smokier as you want. But to make a more attractive impact, try lighter shade eyeshadow and combine it with a navy pencil to create volume. 

3. Denim Blue Eyeshadow

If you are feeling bored with navy or bright blue, try denim blue shadow. In this idea, try to add the blue color concentrated predominantly on the lid. This technique and idea will keep the color clean and confined. At the same time, it adds volume, styling, and highlight to your face. 

4. Grey Blue and Traditional Smokey

How about combining grey and traditional smokey colors for blue eyeshadow ideas? You can sweep a matte grey eyeshadow over the lid. It will make a clean base. After that, use a flat eyeshadow brush for your blue metallic color. Can you wear it during the work hours? Sure you can. And you can always make it smokier for after work hours.

5. Almost Black Blue

When you are looking for a quick blue touch on your eyeshadow, you can always check the almost black-blue eyeshadow. This is the perfect blend of barely there makeup or the everyday makeup for the office. All you need is to add a subtle blue eyeliner on top of your black lash line.

6. Green and Blue Lines Eyeshadow

The last part of blue eyeshadow ideas should be combining green and blue. The key is to use a dual-ended blending eyeshadow brush. That will help you make a unique combination without appearing too much for office. To do it, you can pat down the color on the eyelids and blend the color upwards. You can always decrease the smokiness of your office look.

Except you are working for a fashion business, applying eyeshadow might have to be as subtle as possible. Thankfully, you can always play around with a simple style. It will work perfectly with lower-lid eyeshadow, diffused lid color, or blended with black eyeliner. Pretty simple to do and then you can play around with more colors, smokey, and shapes. 


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