Here is the Ideal Body Fat Percentage for Women for Your Fitness Goals

Here is the Ideal Body Fat Percentage for Women for Your Fitness Goals

Having the ideal body is what most women desire in this world. By having it, you can fit in with any clothes. Not only that, but you also have a chance to get free from any disease because you have a healthy body. There are so many ways to measure your body fat percentage. Here are two ways to know whether you are healthy or not.

2 Easier Ways to Measure Body Fat Percentage for Women

1. ACE Body Fat Chart

The chart from ACE is included in one of the most used body percentage charts. From the ACE chart, women have a higher body fat percentage than men. It is because women have so many physiological differences including reproductive organs, breasts, and hormones. Moreover, women also need a higher body fat amount for ovulation.

In the ACE chart, there are things that women should be aware of to achieve the ideal body based on the description. You should categorize yourself as essential fat, athlete, fitness, average or obese. After you have found your category, you can watch the amount of body fat that you should have based on your category.

In the ACE chart, the essential women should have body fat between 10-13% to keep their body stay ideal. For athletes, you should have between 14-20% body fat. While fitness women should have an amount of body fat between 21-24%. Then, the average woman should have 25-31% body fat. Lastly, obese women should have 32%+.

For those of you who do not know what essential fat means, it is better for you to know about it. Essential fat is the minimum number of the necessary fat for basic physical and physiological health. There are so many controversies over what body fat amount is optimal for health.

A research paper in 2000 has a conclusion that low body fat ranges are under fat which is unhealthy. In this paper, men in 20-10 years old with below 8% body fat are considered under fat which is unhealthy. While women in the same age group which is under 21% are considered as healthy.

Body fat is an important measure of health. However, considering a specific body fat level as unhealthy or healthy does not give the whole story. As matter of fact, some obese people who exercise continuously can be healthier than those who do not exercise. So, implying someone who bellows 8% body fat but does no fitness and eats well is a stretch.

2. Waist Size

Here is the Ideal Body Fat Percentage for Women for Your Fitness Goals

Measuring your waist size is a much simpler and easier health metric than BMI or body fat percentage. To do it you can divide your waist by your body height. You can use centimeters or inches. Then, measure 1 inch above your belly button. You are considered healthy if your waist size is under half of your height. There are so many ways to measure your body fat. These activities are helpful to set your body goals or fitness goals. Moreover, with its help, you keep your body healthier, so that you are free from any disease. You can use the ACE chart or waist size to know whether you are healthy or not. 


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