Men Body Fat Percentage that All Men Need to Achieve

Men Body Fat Percentage that All Men Need to Achieve

Having the perfect abs is hard to achieve because it needs so much effort to work out and a healthy lifestyle. However, it is not enough if you only work out and diet, you have to know your body percentage, so that you are on the right track to reach the perfect abs. Here is the body percentage for men and their abs.

Men’s Body Fat Percentage with its Appearance

1. 30% Body Fat

For men with 20 to 39 ages, body fat of about 25 percent is classed as obese. While for men 40 years old and up, the obese are those who have 28 percent body fat. It is considered that men and women with 30 percent body fat are at the risk stage which means it is possible to cause heart disease. Besides, 30% of body fat has no signs of six-pack abs.

2. 25% Body Fat

There are many ways to identify whether you have a healthy body or not. 25% body fat is not as dangerous as 30%. However, men with estimated 25% body fat are still considered to look overweight because they carry significant excess weight. Besides, they can be carrying an amount of muscle mass.

3. 20% Body Fat

The next amount of body fat is 20%. This number is beginning to look promising. Here, men tend to look a little bit ‘skinny fat’ which is a result of poor muscle and a little softer. However, it is more to life than six-pack abs. This body fat percentage or up to 20% is considered a healthy body and helps you avoid any disease with higher levels.

4. 15% Body Fat

A body fat percentage of 15% is considered lean. The people who have this body fat are Joe Wicks and Wolverine. At this percentage, men tend to appear muscular, which can be noticed by the changing in body composition and also fat stores. The arms and shoulders are more muscular too and on track for six-pack abs.

5. 10% Body Fat

Generally, 10% body fat is the safest place men should be. With this body fat, men are lean enough to show muscle such as six-pack abs. Veins can also be seen from the shoulders to the hands. However, men with this body fat are not so shredded, so that they are becoming translucent. At least some body fat is vital for the body to operate optimally.

6. 8% Body Fat or Under

Men Body Fat Percentage that All Men Need to Achieve

Keeping the digit body fat percentage is hard to do and having single-digit body fat is a pleasing look for most people. However, this body fat is not practical to live by. Even bodybuilders often do not have single-digit body fat. So, 8% body fat is not an achievement of the competition because it causes several risks.

Now, you have already learned about men’s body fat percentage with its appearance from 25% to 8%. It is important to know whether you are categorized as a healthy body or not, especially for those of you who are interested in having abs. Besides, you can also avoid several diseases by having a certain body fat percentage.


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