How to Lose Body Fat Quickly: Proven by Scientific

How to Lose Body Fat Quickly: Proven by Scientific

If you are struggling to fit back into your jeans, you need to know the right ways to lose your body fat based on Scientific proven. Before you do it, you need to understand them clearly. it is important to maintain the body healthy so that you will avoid any diseases. Here are the things that you have to know about the way to lose body fat for a short period.

How to Measure Fat

There are many ways of measuring fat percentage. Some are affordable and simple and some are pricey and not too accurate. Some ways can be done by doing skinfold calipers, body circumference measuring, and DXA. The most accurate measurement is by going to the doctor. They will consider key factors for overall health.

How to Lose Fat without Losing Muscle

Having muscle makes fat burn faster. Studies have proven that quick weight results accompany muscle loss more than gradual weight loss. From this, it can be concluded that obsessing over the calorie scale needs to be stopped and focus on preserving the muscles. It is because the scale reading can be misleading and discouraging.

Tips to Burn Body Fat without Losing Muscle

1. Strength Training

Resistance training or strength training may conjure up the extreme of a bodybuilder. Successful resistance training needs contracting your muscles such as lifting weights or supporting body weight by doing yoga practice. These examples can be done anywhere and anytime. Besides, some of them do not require the equipment and are affordable. 

One of the studies has shown that 10 weeks of strength training burned the number of calories while resting by 7 percent and decrease body fat by 4 pounds. another study also shows that weight training reduces visceral fat by 78 percent with metabolic syndrome. Visceral fat is a type of fat that forms around the organs in the stomach which leads to serious consequences.

The most common strength training is weight lifting. If listing iron is not the way you like, you may try yoga practice, exercise bands gym machines, or rearranging furniture in the house which can achieve the same result. You may choose one or some of them to be your strength training activities.

2. HIIT Cardio

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. It is a type of high-energy training in a short period by bursting intensity and keeping the heart rate up. This training helps you to burn more calories quickly than the other practices. It also is believed to increase fat loss. You may try HIIT cardio by jumping high knees, squats, push-ups, etc.

How to Lose Body Fat Quickly: Proven by Scientific

A study has shown that HIIT burns up to 30% more calories than doing other cardio for the same period. You may try walking, running, or alternating between sprinting and walking for 30 seconds. Do an active recovery to recover your breath without stopping the activity. It will improve overall fitness. Now, you know so much information about body fat including the measurement, losing fat without long muscle, and how to lose fat in a short period. This is very important to know because you may apply it in your healthy routine to increase your heart rate. Besides, training activities can prevent any disease.


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