How to Lose Body Fat in 8 Simple Ways

How to Lose Body Fat in 8 Simple Ways

People have various reasons why they want to lose weight. It can be because of insecurity, to apply for a job, to fit back into their old dresses, to maintain their health, and other reasons. To lose weight, you need to lose your body fat as well. So, how to lose body fat?

The Safe Methods to Reduce Body Fat

1. HIIT Exercise

The first method you might want to try is by doing HIIT exercises. HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training, which means it is a kind of exercise that can be done in a shorter time than any other exercise. You can do it under 30 minutes, depending on how much time you have. An example of HIIT training you can do is walking than fast running for 30 seconds, then repeat it by several times.

2. Lessen the Bad Fat and Carbs Consumption

The second way how to lose body fat is to cut back on your bad fat and carbohydrate consumption. To cut back the bad fat in your body, you can start to consume more foods that are loaded with high amounts of good fats. Choose foods that contain omega-3 and omega-6, because they will burn your bad fat by increasing the metabolic function of your body.

Fatty fish is one of the foods containing a high number of omega-3. Fish included in fatty fish are salmon, mackerel, anchovies, sardines, arctic char, and trout. Meanwhile, you can find omega-6 in soybeans, corn, meat, eggs, etc. Try to consume more of these kinds of foods gradually to decrease your body fat.

Another thing, you can also consume fewer carbs to lose your body fat. Consuming fewer carbs doesn’t mean you have to stop eating foods containing carbohydrates. But, it means you have to eat specific carbs at specific times to burn your body fat. Complex carbs are good options to lose fat, such as brown rice, potatoes, beans, and oats.

3. Exercise Moderately and Increase the Intensity Slowly

The third way to lose your body fat is by doing moderate aerobics regularly. Moderate aerobics can burn a high number of fats. But, keep in mind that moderate aerobics work better for burning body fat only if you keep the intensity at approximately 70 percent of maximum heart rate and done up to 30 minutes. One moderate aerobics example is walking.

4. Enhance your NEAT

No, NEAT in here is not the adjective likely you might be thinking of now. NEAT which stands for non-exercise activity thermogenesis is the calories that are burned in your body by doing only your normal daily tasks. It can be cleaning the house, mopping the floor, cooking, taking out the trash, washing the dishes, and so on. These activities seem not like a big deal but in fact, they can decrease body fat.

If you are a person who loves to lie down on your bed or spend too much time sitting watching a sitcom on your television screen, now it’s time to move. Less moving may increase your body fat. Try to look for little activities that make you move every day like walking upstairs, cleaning your closet, gardening, playing with your cat, and many more.

5. Add More Protein Consumption

Another way how to lose body fat is by adding more to the consumption of high-protein foods. Diet by eating high protein foods can make you decrease body fat by manipulating your brain to feel full, helping you to maintain muscle mass while losing body fat and increasing calories burned from digestion.

Not only that but also eating more protein will help your body to cut back the hunger hormone ghrelin, which benefits to decrease your desire on craving sweets and carbohydrates. The sources of high protein foods you might consume are beef, lamb, duck, chicken, yogurt, almonds, lentils, tofu, cheese, and so on.

6. Try to Do Cardio Exercises

The next thing on how to lose body fat is by doing cardio exercises. Cardio is important to do if you have a goal to lose fat. Cardio helps you to burn more calories and also boosts your body’s metabolism. To get the most effective cardio workout on burning fat, define your maximum heart level by subtracting your age from 220.

After that, you will find the result of the subtraction. The best and the most effective fat-burning heart range is about 70% to 80% of your maximum heart rate.

You can also try adding some high-intensity interval training or HIIT exercises and combine them with your cardio workout to burn more fats and calories in your body.

7. Get Enough Sleep

How to Lose Body Fat in 8 Simple Ways

Are you a person who is likely to stay awake until midnight? Now, leave that bad habit as soon as possible. Sleeping for less than seven hours in a day will get you a higher risk to have obesity than those who have enough sleep for seven hours every day. Not getting enough sleeping will interrupt the leptin and ghrelin, which have to control your appetite.

Another hormone that will rise when you don’t get enough sleep is cortisol. Your body will release cortisol as a response to stress. That is a major contributor to fat accumulation in the abdominal or stomach area. Those are the main reasons why getting enough sleep is good for your health, especially to lose your body fat. After knowing this, you may start to sleep early or sleep at least seven hours per day.

8. Eat Slowly

The last on how to lose body fat is by eating slowly. Try to slow your speed while eating your meals. By slower eating, you will be enjoying your food and allow your guts the time needed to tell your brain that you’ve had enough. It is helpful to lose body weight because by eating slowly, you will eat less and avoid your body to not overeating.

To lose your body fat, you can try to do those which had been mentioned on how to lose body fat. But, make sure to do it regularly because to lose weight and your body fat, other things you have to do is be consistent.


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