Read the Ideal Body Fat Percentage for Men

Dream Body! Read the Ideal Body Fat Percentage for Men

Having a dream body is the dream of all people. However, it is not easy to achieve. There are many factors that the ideal body is not the same for each person. It depends on the height, ethnicity, and others. Men between 8 percent and 17 percent are categorized in ideal level. Here are the measurements of body fat percentage you can use.

4 Tools to Measure Body Fat Percentage for Dream Body!

To know whether your body is ideal or not, you should measure it using the right tool. There are so many tools that you can use from most to least reliable. For the best results, you may take the test first in the morning while the stomach is empty and do not drink any water. Then, do a re-test in the same conditions. Below are the tools to measure the body fat.

1. Hydrostatic Weighing

Hydrostatic Weighing is known as underwater weighing or hydrodensitometry. The use of this tool is that you are plunged into a big tank then the scientist measures your body fat levels based on the Archimedes principle of fluid displacement. This method is considered the most accurate tool.

2. DEXA Scanner

DEXA scanner can also be used in measuring body fat. This X-ray machine is designed to measure bone density which doubles up as a little fat percentage scanner. You can find this tool at pop-up clinics. However, the price of a DEXA scanner is pretty expensive and needs a couple of hours.

3. Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis

You have probably noticed the existence of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysisscales in a local health club. This scale uses electrical currents to measure body fat, wealth, muscle mass, bone, water, etc. They are the best bet for an affordable, reliable, accurate measurement of fat percentage.

4. Calipers

The next tool you should know to measure body fat is a caliper. These tools are handheld devices used to measure the fat in different areas by calculation that determined the body fat levels. Their accuracy depends on how well the person uses them. For this reason, they might miss and hit.

Measuring body fat by using calipers acquires 7 parts of the body that need to be pinched by them. There are chest, abdominal, suprailiac, midaxillary, tricep, subscapular, and thigh. After all 7 areas are measured 3 times, you may plug the results into formulas to determine the body fat percentage by using the Jackson and Pollock formula.

Dream Body! Read the Ideal Body Fat Percentage for Men

Body Density = 1.112 – (0.00043499 * sum of skinfolds) + (0.00000055 * square of the sum of skinfold sites) – (0.00028826 * age) 

After you have the result, you can categorize it. If the result is between 2% and 5%, you are categorized as essential fat which is low fat. For 6% to 13%, you are categorized as an athlete, while between 14% and 17%, you are categorized as acceptable. Then, for those above 25%, you are in obesity.

All in all, the body fat percentage is important to know whether your body is ideal or not. There are many different tools to measure body fat, such as Hydrostatic Weighing, DEXA scanners, Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, and Calipers. You may choose one of them to calculate your body fat.


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