Personal Trainers Salary? Here is What You Need to Know

How Much is the Average of Personal Trainers Salary? Here is What You Need to Know

When someone needs to achieve their goal of losing weight, maintaining their health, building the mass of muscle, and other things related to exercise, they often need a personal trainer to guide them. A personal trainer is a person who has to help their clients to get what they want by training. So, how much is the average personal trainers salary, and how to become one?

The Salary of Personal Trainers per 2022

According to 5 different top sources of personal trainers salary statistics, such as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, National Academy of Sports Medicine,, Indeed, and Glassdoor, it can be concluded that the average salary that a personal trainer can make in the United States is $48,141 per year.

The range of the personal trainers salary is $40.000 to $54.000 per year, then $20 to $25 per hour. The lowest rate is $11 per hour and $23.000 annually, while the highest is $87 per hour and $93000. Like the other occupancies, a personal trainer can be made a different salary, depending on their certification, work experience, location, and even expertise level.

Meanwhile, the number of online personal trainer salaries is different. The annual highest salary of online personal trainers is $126,500 while the lowest is %11,00. Most online personal trainers’ salaries range from $31.000 to $26.5000, and the top earners in the United States make $124.500 per year.

5 Steps to Be a Personal Trainer

1. Fulfil the Requirements

The first thing you have to do when you want to become a personal trainer is to make sure you meet the prerequisites first. Before you register for a personal trainer course, you have to know that you must be 18 years or older, have a high school diploma or GED for the latest education, and already have CPR or AED certification.

Most personal trainer certification institutions need you to meet these three requirements before you do the final test. Also, most foundations ask you to have Automated External Defibrillator (AED) followed by Emergency Cardiac Care (CPR) first. If you don’t get any of those yet, you can try to get them in The American Red Cross near you.

Then, you can choose a degree program you want, such as exercise science, which involves the course on diet and exercise, fitness, and the human condition. By choosing exercise science, you will learn about how to prevent injuries and helps clients maintain their condition by making exercises program.

The other degree program you may like is kinesiology. Kinesiology involves the movement of humans, human anatomy, health, and fitness. This degree program helps a personal trainer develop a foundation in making exercise plans and mastering techniques to prevent injuries.

Another one is physical education. Physical education is a program that involves exercise psychology, the method of fitness instruction, the development of motor skills, and anatomy as well. Choosing this program will helps a personal trainer to teach basic exercises and fitness regimens to their clients.

2. Choose the Best Certification Institution for You

The second step to being a personal trainer, after you meet the requirements, is to look for a personal trainer certification foundation that works best for you. There are many options when you want a personal trainer certification. You can get it on certification by an accredited U.S. company, colleges, unaccredited online companies, and also gym programs.

The other option personal trainer certification body is ACE Personal Trainer Certification, which requires you to finish the digital coursework first, pass the exam, and recertify every two years. Then, you can also get the certification in the American College of Sports Medicine, but you have to pass the exam and recertify yourself every three years.

Another option is the National Academy of Sports Medicine. To get a professional personal trainer certification, you must pass their examination and have CPR and AED certifications. Also, you must recertify your certification if you already get one every two years.

The other place to get your certification is National Council on Strength & Fitness. If you want in getting your personal trainer certification here, you must pass the preliminary examination first. After you pass it, you will be asked to choose a specialty area to get some advanced certifications.

3. Develop your Skills

How Much is the Average of Personal Trainers Salary? Here is What You Need to Know

Personal trainers salary depend on many factors, and one of them is their skills. If you are interested in being a personal trainer, you have to know some skills that you need to have and develop. The first skill you need is fitness. As we know, a personal trainer must be fit because they need to guide their clients by performing and demonstrating what exercise the clients have to do.

Not only fitness but stamina is the other skill that a personal trainer must have. Then, any other skills that should be mastered by a personal trainer are communication, customer service, and even problem-solving skills. These skills are needed to help a personal trainer give good services while training their clients.

4. Make a Resume or Curriculum Vitae

After you get the certification and develop the skills that are needed, now it’s time to create a resume. Resume used to apply for personal trainer jobs. Try to create a resume with highlighted education. Don’t forget to highlight your professional personal trainer certification and work experience related to the personal trainer’s duty as well.

5. Apply for the Position

One of the factors that make personal trainers salary are different is the company. But, if you are a person who just got your personal trainer certification, you have to figure out what company you want first and how much you want to be paid. Note that a beginner personal trainers salary will be differ from those who already has many work experiences.

The personal trainers salary might differ from one to another depending on some elements. Many factors can influence someone’s salary, including a personal trainer. The work location, the certifications, the skills, the work experiences, and even the educational background can make the salary of a personal trainer higher or lower than the others.


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