Steps To Get Personal Trainers Certification

Steps To Get Personal Trainers Certification

Working as your dream job is probably the best thing ever. If you like exercising and helping people to meet their goals on exercising, a personal trainer might be the best job for you. But, to be a professional personal trainer, there are several steps you have to take. If you still don’t know, these are the steps to get your personal trainers certification.

5 Requirements to be a Professional Personal Trainer

1. Graduated from High School

Graduating from high school is the first step to getting your personal trainers certification. Most personal trainer courses require students to have at least a senior high school student or even a bachelor’s degree. Some personal trainer courses don’t have this requirement, but it’s not too many, so better finishing your high school first.

2. Having AED/CPR Certification

The second thing you need to do when you want to get personal trainers certification is complete the certification of AED/CPR. AED and CPR are basic skills that a professional personal trainer must have. This certificate will show you that you are able to help your client in case there is an emergency situation.

3. Having a Degree in Related Fields

The next step to becoming a personal trainer is to take a degree in a related field. If you already get your AED/CPR certification, you can start looking for a college that can accommodate your study in personal trainer-related fields. There are some programs you might choose according to your dream job and interest.

But, what you have to take note of is that not every CPT (certified personal trainer) body requires you to have a degree in related fields. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if you wanting to take a degree in related fields. It will help you to widen your knowledge of a personal trainer’s job and boost your skills as well.

4. Take a Course

Steps To Get Personal Trainers Certification

After that, you can try to sign up for fitness specialty courses. There are lots of specialties you can choose as a personal trainer. You can select an obesity and weight loss management specialty, a sports nutritionist, a sports massage therapist, a strength and conditioning specialty, and many more.

Still, think about it first before you register for a course. Try to think about what specialty you desire the most and what fitness specialty suits best for you. After you take a fitness course, you can prepare yourself to move to the next step, which is to get the personal trainers certification.

5. Pass the Certification

Then the last step is to take the certification. Choose the best CPT institution for you. Before doing the certification, you must study hard to pass the examination. You can register for a short personal trainer course or practice answering the most frequent question on the personal trainer certification exam online.

That’s all! When you have already got your personal trainers certification, you can start to apply for your dream job. You can begin applying to a local gym first to get many work experiences before applying to a bigger company. The more work experience you have, the better company you can work for someday.


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