What You Need to Know About Average Personal Trainer Salary

What You Need to Know about Average Personal Trainer Salary

There are so many ways to make money. If you are looking for it and interested in sports, being a personal trainer is a perfect choice. Not only do you earn money, but being a personal trainer can make your body healthier because you help people to improve their quality of life. Here are the things you should know about a personal trainer from certificate to salary.

What you need to Know about Personal Training Certification

Before applying for a personal trainer job somewhere, you should have personal training certification. Gyms or studios require the trainers to have it because they have a baseline for credibility. You may have to go through their internal certification so it will not hurt you to ask about the gym’s requirements.

A personal training certification allows you to have many jobs at a wider range of locations. In other words, your career has the opportunity to evolve. Before being a personal trainer, you have to know the various pay structures with their salary. So, you should know first what will be going on.

Popular Brand Gyms with its Salary

1. Equinox

Equinox accounts floor hour minimum wage of 20 hours per week until the client base grows. The payment structure from this company is less than 42 sessions per pay or 2 week pay period which consist of 4 tiers per one-hour session from $26 to $64. For more than 42 sessions, equinox offers the price from $31 to $74.50 per hour per session.

2. 24-Hour

a 24-Hour salary for non-training payment only needs minimum wage for non-training hours. The payment structure from this gym offers 20% Commission for each personal training package sale paid up front and 10% commission for all TR24 group package sales. Besides, a 5% bonus commission is added to the salary if 60 training sessions are done.

For example, the monthly salary for PT 1 trainer is $10 per hour and in a month can get $1,200 if there are 120 hours of training. Then, $2,500 for training package sales times 20% for commission equals $500. Then, the total salary for a month is. So, this PT 1 Trainer at 24-Hour earns $2120 per month.

3. LA Fitness

What You Need to Know about Average Personal Trainer Salary

For non-training payments, LA Fitness offers minimum wage for non-training hours. The payment structure is between $6 and $7.50 per 30-minute session or $12 to $15 per hour session. For bigger cities with a higher cost of living just like Los Angeles, the salary is between $7.50 and $15, while less populated cities like Arizona are between $6 and $12.

However, LA Fitness does not offer bonuses and trainer turnover is high. It was found that everyone in the Facebook group agreed that LA Fitness was not the ideal place to work as a trainer although some said group trainers were paid significantly more. So, you might consider it once more before you are sure to apply to this gym. Now, you know what things you should prepare before applying for a personal trainer job, such as understanding the personal training certification and the average personal trainer salary. These things are important to know so that you know what will happen next and what you have to prepare for.


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