Easy HIIT Cardio Exercises You Can Try at Home

Easy HIIT Cardio Exercises You Can Try at Home

To maintain our bodies, we need to do some activities such as eating healthy food and doing some workouts. HIIT is one of them. HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training is an exercise that is very suggested for people who have little time to do a workout every day. If you want to know about HIIT cardio exercises, keep scrolling!

What is HIIT Exercise?

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training and is a type of exercise that only needs several minutes about 10-30 minutes in duration. This type of exercise is beneficial for decreasing body fat, increasing body strength and endurance, and even improving health outcomes. HIIT was usually chosen by people who don’t have a lot of time to do a workout.

The Benefits of HITT Cardio Exercise

1. Burn a Lot of Calories

Although you only do HIIT cardio exercises just for a short amount of time, this type of exercise is very effective to burn your calories. Fun fact, HIIT burned 25 to 30% more calories than the other types of workout. This means even if you only have less time every day, you can still lose weight by doing HIIT exercises.

2. Higher Metabolic Rate

The second benefit of doing a HIIT workout is increasing your metabolic rate better than the other exercises. After exercise, people tend to have higher metabolic rates for hours. These higher metabolic rates are very important because they can help your body change to using fat for energy, not carbs.

3. Gaining Muscle

In certain people, doing HIIT cardio exercises regularly is also able to help increase their muscle mass. It is possible because by doing HIIT, the muscles will be used very often, especially in the trunk and legs. However, muscle gains generally happen to people who are not too active before.

4. Stress Reliever

The next benefit of doing HIIT exercise is can lower your stress level. This type of workout requires you to focus and concentrate more. You have to focus to keep the high-intensity level. It means, by doing HIIT, you will be distracted to think other things than doing the exercises or worrying about your daily life.

5. Increasing your Stamina

Another benefit of doing this type of workout is improving your stamina. While the first time you do HIIT cardio exercises, your body will adapt. It will automatically push your body into the anaerobic zone, so your heart will work harder to 80-90% of its maximum rate. Then, the heart, lungs, and muscles will try to adapt to any other challenges.

6 HIIT Exercises to Train your Body

1. Jackknife

The first recommendation of HIIT exercise you might want to try is the side jackknife. To do this exercise, you don’t need any other equipment but instead of your own body. First, all you have to do is lie down with one leg on top of your other leg, Then, put your hand at the back of your head with a flared-out elbow. Then try to move your other leg and elbow together. Repeat several times.

2. High Knees

High knees are the easy HIIT exercise to do because it doesn’t require any equipment but instead of your knees. High knees can help you to strengthen the muscles in your legs. Also, this type of exercise helps you to increase your heartbeat. Increasing your heartbeat will improve your coordination and your flexibility of the body.

To do this high knees exercise, the first step is to open your feet to a hip-width. After that, lift one of your knees towards your chest. Repeat this for the other leg at a speed like when you are running. Also, try to avoid extending your arms and touching your knees while doing the exercise.

3. Lunge Jump

Another HIIT cardio exercises that doesn’t require training equipment is the lunge jump. The lunge jumps contain jumping high and switching to your other leg before landing on the ground. Lunge jump burns a high amount of your calories. It also helps you to increase your heart rate.

The step to do the lunge jump is easy. First, stand up with your legs about shoulders width apart. Then, move your leg forward with a straight spine. Then, flex your leg and go down. Make sure your leg is at the same level as the floor. Then, jump to the air and change your other leg to move forward, and repeat the same thing several times.

4. Rope Jumping

Easy HIIT Cardio Exercises You Can Try at Home

Jump with a rope or usually called skipping is chosen by people over running because of lots of its benefits. Jumping rope might look easy, but it burns a lot of calories. To do skipping, you need to prepare a rope. If you already got your rope, then stand straight and keep your legs standing close to each other. Then, jump and lift the rope and circle around your body.

5. Push Up

Who doesn’t know a push-up? This is the most common exercise but kind of tough to do by a beginner. But, if you do this exercise regularly you will get used to it and start to like it.  To perform push up, you need to get into a cat position. Make sure your palms and toe tips touch the ground. After that, go down your chest, and repeat it for some rounds.

6. Russian Twist

The last HIIT exercise recommendation you might want to try is by doing a Russian twist. To do Russian Twist, you have to take the position down on the ground and extend your leg in front of you. Then, lift your knees and keep in a v-sit position. After that, twist your body from one side to another and repeat this several times.

HIIT cardio exercises are the best way to still work out even if you have a busy day and less time to do some exercises. It doesn’t always require you a lot of training equipment so you can do this wherever you are. But, keep in mind that you still have to wear the right shoes to prevent any injuries.


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