Women Body Fat Percentage? This Is What Women Should Have

Here is what to Know about Women Body Fat Percentage

Knowing the body fat percentage of women based on science sounds pretty heavy. However, having an understanding of your physique is helpful. Rose Frisch, the biologist discovered that evaluating weight alone can be misleading. For example, she found athletes have normal weight but excessive leanness. Here is the way to know your body fat percentage.

Is There the Best Measuring Tool for Body Fat Percentage?

The question about the tools to measure body fat percentage is one of the frequent questions among people. Body Mass Index or BMI is used by NHS which has no specific tools or technology to measure the body fat percentage. It can be done simply by dividing the weight in kilograms and the height in meters squared.

How to Calculate Body Fat Percentage for Women?

After knowing that there is no special tool to measure body fat percentage, you have to know how to measure it. Several ways can be done on your own without costing a lot of money. As previously described, you will not have a figure like professionals to help you. Here are the alternatives or choices that perhaps you can choose.

1. Body Fat Calculation

If you like to use a rough estimate, you are lucky now because math will help you. A study case published by the British Journal of Nutrition uses these equations to predict body fat. For women, the formula you can use is (1.2 x BMI) + (0.23 x age) – 5.4. You can add your BMI and age. After that, the result is your body fat percentage

2. Calipers Skin-fold

It might be uncomfortable to use this method since it requires you to use calipers by pinching your fat on areas of the body like the triceps, quad, chest, waist, etc. Also, you can measure your skinfold. This method is helpful to identify your excess body fat to diagnose certain conditions. For instance, having a skinfold around your waist might increase heart disease, etc.

Here is what to Know about Women Body Fat Percentage

3. Smart Scales

There are a lot of smart scales that are equipped with weight readings, so they can be used to read your muscle mass, body fat, bones, and water density. The prices of these tools are around £30 upwards. The accuracy they have is also various. If you are looking to decrease or increase your body fat, you may need the accurate one to read your weight.

4. 3D Body Scanners

Another alternative that you can use to measure your body composition is by using 3D scanners. These helpful machines use Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis to rate the electrical by traveling in your body. For example, Nifty is unlike other scales. This machine is not like the thing you will have for the corner of the bathroom. Most national gym chains have it.

Now, you know that there is no best or worse calculating body fat percentage tool. However, there are many tools to calculate the body fat percentage for women. There are many options you can choose based on what you want or what you need. From Body Fat Calculation to 3D scanners, they offer their benefits for you. 


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